04 January 2013

A Very Tiny Fox

I like small stuff. Which is why you won't find any gigantic reproduction samplers here. They're lovely, but I think I would be driven barking mad if I attempted one. This little bit is more my speed. Tiny. A whole two inches. Instant stitching gratification. This baby fox is from Woodland Babies #2 by Victoria Sampler. The buttons are supposed to be red, but I was going for more "woodsy" and less "Christmas-y" so I used some little rust-colored buttons I found at Wal-Mart. There are six more babies in this series... stay tuned.

Off to start something else...


  1. I found you from 123 message about Stitching Dreams finishes. Even she started with 1 small finish. I love the fox and your choice of buttons.

  2. Love your fox finish! I am a big fan of small projects, so you aren't alone.

    Robin in Virginia
    rlbrowninva @ gmail.com

  3. Beautiful stitching - congratulations on a lovely finish

  4. Hi Honeybee!
    It is just too precious for words. I love your button color. You have a keen eye! And nimble fingers, oh my! And patience....(wink)

  5. I love your little fox!! Accccck! I love him!!!