14 January 2013


And now for something completely different. In addition to all those cute littles I'm working on, I'm also slaving away (sort of) on this SAL (stitch along) that my cousin and I are doing. It's Skeleton Crew by The Cricket Collection. A big pirate ship with a bunch of skeletons aboard. Because every room can be improved by a pirate ship with a bunch of skeletons aboard. Right? Right. It's on 30 ct. Saltmarsh Green by R&R Reproductions. This is the bottom of the mainsail. We're supposed to have it finished by mid-October. Think I'll make it? Nope, me neither. But it's not for lack of Tiger Lily's careful supervision.

And check out my super cool needle minder... an octopus. Awesome, huh?

Yeah. Pretty awesome.


  1. You jumped way into the lead on our SAL... looks awesome! But watch out... I plan to catch up soon. I'm still jealous of the octopus. It's perfect for our SAL and I'm asking next time I visit my LNS (in a couple weeks) to get me one!

  2. Guess I should have mentioned that needle minder is by Embellishments Plus. Check out their website--they have some really cool ones. Octopus also comes with a black background.

  3. Very cool minder and perfect for your project:)