31 January 2013

How about some more winter?

We had two days of spring this week, including heavy spring-like rain last night, but winter is back! The wind has been howling all night and all day and we're expecting a little snow tonight and Saturday night. As promised, here are a couple of shots of Tiger Lily at her window watching the birds after last week's snow.

And here's Mr. Cardinal visiting our feeder. That bright red against the snow is so pretty. I think that's the Mrs. just outside the fence.

Finally, two more finished pieces from last weekend's finishing day. First, a little winter freebie by Barbara Ana. I changed the colors (because I'm obsessed with green... and because I can't leave things alone... because I have control issues) and used Gentle Art's Bittersweet, Punchberry, and Green Apple and Crescent Colors Cerise. I moved the eyes a little further apart and attached a JABCO snowflake button. Oh, and it's stitched on 28 ct. natural opalescent (sparkly!) linen. If you're paying close attention, you'll have noticed that in addition to my preoccupation with green, I have a thing for sparkly stuff.

The freebie is available here: http://www.freewebs.com/barbara-ana-designs/freebies.htm
And second, a Christmas ornament for Mr. Wonderful from the 2012 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue. He was taken with that goofy-looking sheep. Can't say as I blame him.

Back to work. I'm trying to squeeze in one more January finish!


  1. We've had (only a little, thank goodness) snow for the last four days in a row...I'm so hoping for spring, as I'm a tad tired of white, LOL
    Beautiful cardinal...we don't get those here!
    Lovely finishes...I did that snowman a few years ago...he was a fun stitch!

    1. Thanks, Wilma! May I ask where you live? When we lived in California we didn't have cardinals there either.

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  3. Love both your finishes - and your courage in selecting the colors for the Barbara Ana design. Oh I wish we had some snow!

  4. Still no snow here but I can look fondly at your beautiful pictures and then wear short sleeves to the grocery store. /sigh LOVE the Christmas ornament... fun fringe! Freebie snowman looks awesome. Dunno why you dislike it except I have similar control issues that are currently paralyzing me. Don't rip it out! But if you do, post another pic so I can make fun. ;o) <3

  5. Yes, that's Mrs. Cardinal beyond the fence. Tiger Lily looks so peaceful and content. I have some catnip for her...will send next week!

    Love your ornaments!