25 January 2013

Little Bears

Another Woodland Baby finished! I used the recommended threads for this one, but I may stitch another one at some point and make him blonde. Mr. Wonderful and I had a bear experience in Sequoia National Park a few years ago and it, uh, made an impression on us. And the bear in question just happened to be blonde, and just happened to be a baby. Where was mama bear? That was the question we were asking ourselves as we high-tailed it out of there. We had been warned by the rangers that baby bear encounters are particularly dangerous and we took them at their word. Yikes.
 And here's my first attempt at making a little feltie, a little gift for my panda-obsessed cousin. The pattern is from a book called, "Felties: How to Make 18 Cute and Fuzzy Friends" by Nelly Pailloux. Naturally, I took liberties with the pattern, including using sparkly white felt. Because pandas should sparkle.

 And finally, cookies. Including a bear. And a fox and a squirrel... all the Woodland Babies I've stitched so far! Mr. Wonderful preferred the moose, because they were the biggest.


  1. Adorable baby bear! And there's my little panda.. he is so cute. The instructions obviously had a misprint.. of course pandas are supposed to be sparkly! I hate to disagree w/ Mr. W but the baby bear cookies would be my choice! :)

  2. I wanted to post the panda when I finished him but I had to wait til you got your box! There's another one I *have* to make for you but it's a surprise!

  3. Very cute series you're stitching!

  4. Very sweet little bear and the cookies look yummy:)