31 July 2013

Christmas in July

July is over and we're on the downhill slide toward Christmas! Unlike most stitchers, I don't have a ton of Christmas designs in my stash, but I do seem to have accumulated a dozen or so  small, ornament-sized designs. I had intended to work through them this year, stitching one per month. The reason you haven't seen any Christmas finishes this year is because this is my first. {sigh} Maybe I'll try again next year. Anyway, here's a Lizzie Kate freebie found here. As you can see, I've fiddled with mine a bit. It's stitched in GAST Buckeye Scarlet (my favorite red!) and good ol' DMC ecru.  The snowflake I added to the mug is from some random book in my little stitchy library, and the cookies are JABCO.

Mmmm... cookies.

Almost finished with another Button Up Birdie (#13!) and hope to have that posted soon.
Happy Stitching!


  1. Very cute!! Those buttons look good enough to eat!! Laura

  2. Love your finish...well done!

  3. How sweet! Love the addition of the snowflake. Those cookie buttons look good enough to eat!