17 July 2013

Stitchy Happiness

There are lots of great things about having stitching as a hobby, and one of them is how happy I can be made by small things, like a magazine. Perhaps I'm simple-minded, but it sure makes me easier to live with when I can get all excited about the annual Just Cross Stitch Halloween Special Issue and remain unmoved by designer shoes and bags. Just ask Mr. Wonderful.

I love Halloween. I don't love the gory, bloody, body-parts-strewn-everywhere direction it seems to have taken in recent years. The Halloween I love is the Halloween from my childhood: fat pumpkins, smiley black cats, and cute little ghosts. Halloween is one of my favorite subjects to stitch and the appearance of Halloween stitchy magazines every summer is an event at my house, so when I called my LNS this morning and discovered they had just received their shipment of the JCS Halloween Special Issue, I was off and running. What was I supposed to be doing? Cleaning the house. Did I clean the house? No. Do I feel guilty? Maybe a teensy bit, but it goes away when I'm flipping through my new magazines.

I also picked up the floss and fabric for our next SAL... but the design is still a secret!

Pretty, huh? The fabric is 32 ct. Blue Spruce. If you're getting in the mood for Halloween stitching, too, check out the Stitchy Cousin's newly posted freebie finish here. How cool is that?!

1 comment:

  1. I was just out today & didn't see them! Must go on search & find mission. Your fabric is beautiful! I need 2 more DMC colors & mine is ready. Can't wait! Now, off to stitch more SC.