16 July 2013

SAL Update: Miss Witchy Face

No update last month, what with computer problems and all kinds of nonsense, but I have a little progress to show this month. Most of the witchy figurehead is done.

I think I'll finish the bow of the ship and then go back to working on masts and sails.

The deadline--October--is creeping up on me. Must. stitch. faster. Or if not faster, more. This is the largest piece I've ever done, and surprisingly, I haven't gotten tired of it. But I'm already looking forward to our next SAL, which will remain super secret until this one is finished. Hint: more spooky!


  1. New to your blog! I just love that CEC design! I have it in my stash to stitch too.

    1. April, it's a fun stitch, and it would go pretty fast, too--it's just that I'm slow! ;O)

  2. ooooo love this one you are working on ... sending some steaming needles to you ;) to help you get it done on time :) love mouse xxxxxx