13 July 2013

Itty Bitty Baby Bunny

Six done, one to go! Here's the baby bunny from Victoria Sampler's Woodland Babies series.

When I finish the last baby, I'll be getting back to Victoria Sampler's Button Up Birdie series.  I was close to finishing that series, having stitched 12 of the 14 birds... and then they published four more birds! So now I have six of those left. I wonder if I can get them stitched before any more are added. I wonder if there will be any more Woodland Babies. I wonder if there will be a baby skunk (how cute would that be?). I wonder why I'm blathering away on my blog when I should be stitching on Skeleton Crew. I wonder if I can finish that on time... 


  1. The bunny is so sweet. Way to go. Keep at it! ;)

  2. Haha! I love the bunny! The new Button Up Birdie's are so pretty. I'm trying to catch up on the 123 freebies and then on to Skeleton Crew... I gots to hurry!

  3. Very nice finish! You have now forced me to stitch these also. I have all the charts and the fabric ready to go. How are you going to "finish" them?

    1. I still can't decide! Maybe once I get them all done and look at them together I'll be struck by a brilliant idea. But probably not! ;O) Whatever I decide, I'll show it here.

      You'll have them done in no time--they're a very quick stitch. I'm just sloooooow!