24 August 2014

Duncan Dog

Here's Mr. Duncan! Just a slight change to his eye--instead of blue, I stitched it over one in brown and then added a little white french knot to the center.

I have two more to stitch to be caught up, but #7 should be out this week, sooo... 

Hope to get a good start on Hattie Hedgehog today. So far, I think she's my favorite. She has a teacup on her head, so how could she not be? But of course, y'all know what I'm really waiting for. A fox! 

Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh he is precious! I hope you get your fox. I even gave Brooke a hint for a poodle! Yep, I actually did. But Duncan is good. ;)

    1. She's doing 25 animals... surely, SURELY she'll do a fox... and a poodle! :O)

  2. Duncan is very distinguished looking. His bow wrapped bone is the finishing touch!