01 August 2014

Mary Mouse

I'm gaining on them! Here's #3, Mary Mouse. Just a few little changes on her: black whiskers changed to white, black tail changed to pink, black waistline on tutu changed to white. Just wanted a little softer look.

These are fun, quick stitches. I see from the comments (thank you!) that some of you are collecting these and saving them for later. I think this is going to be a ridiculously adorable series... one of those series that, seeing one or two, you think, "Oh, those are cute!" but then when you see all 25 of them together, you're just completely blown over! I can tell you that already, just with my three finishes lying on the table together, the cuteness factor increases the more you have done! 

Now to Duncan (#4)!


  1. Aaahhh! Too cute! She is adorable. I like your changes too. :)

  2. "Tu Tu" Cute! I'm always in awe of your beautiful work. :o)