14 August 2014

Winter Forecast

Here's my post from one year ago yesterday. I was speculating about the kind of winter we would have, based upon the spring and summer we had. Turns out the spring and summer weather were indeed a hint of what was to come. We had a looooong, cold, snowy winter. Well, I'm here to report that I think we're in for it again. Short spring (because winter refused to go away), ridiculously mild summer, a few trees already turning, Tiger Lily already blowing her summer coat. As I type, middle of August at high noon, it's 72 degrees and the windows are open. Let that sink in on ya. As I've been telling Mr. Wonderful, "We're gonna pay for this in January." Yikes.

So what does a stitcher do in the face of another hard winter? Say it with me... "Acquire more stash." If I'm going to be trapped by snow, I want to be trapped with lots of stitchy goodies. Here's what the mailman brought today.

This is Brooke's Books Spirit of Christmas Stitching Santa. So great, huh? See all the cute little details? The cardinal in his pack, the snowflake on his beard, the little mouse, and the "I love Mrs. C" on the embroidery hoop? I am really looking forward to stitching him. He'll look fantastic next to Mrs. Claus

Happy Stitching, and remember, a hard winter is a good excuse reason to stock up on stash! 


  1. Hi Honeybee!
    I love him. So many details. It's going to be beautiful! I agree about our long winter last yr. Cooler temps all this summer (I like it), but makes you wonder what this winter will be like?


  2. I'm hoping you're wrong. Maybe we'l have summer in January?