13 December 2014

Christmas Open House, Day 1

Wanna come over and stitch and eat?

Today I'm kicking off a little project I've had in mind for a while, a Christmas Open House here on my blog. Y'all are invited to drop in every day for the next week. Each day I'll be posting pictures of my stitched Christmas ornaments, a tried-and-true recipe that's a Christmas tradition at our house, and a link to a Favorite Christmas Freebie. How does that sound? Ready? Let's go!

Every year I stitch a Christmas ornament for Mr. Wonderful (which he chooses) and one for myself. I've been doing this for all of the 14 years we've been married, so we have quite a few. The only ones missing are his 2002 and my 2012, but I'll get those made up eventually! 

***All of the ornaments are from the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue of that year.***

Here's 2000, the year we got married a week before Christmas. His:

Here's 2001, his:
And mine:

Now how about some cookies? Who doesn't need a really good basic sugar cookie recipe, especially at Christmastime? This is a great recipe. These cookies aren't too crisp, and you can customize the flavor, if you like. But maybe the best part, if you're into decorating, is the icing recipe for these cookies. It's perfect. It sets up firm enough to stack the cookies when they're completely dry, but it still has a soft shine. Very easy to work with, especially if you use a little craft paintbrush to brush it on. If you want, you can thin it out and drizzle it.

Sugar Cookies

Cream together: 2/3 c. butter
                               2/3 c. shortening
                               1 1/2 c. sugar
Stir in:                  2 eggs
                               2 tsp. vanilla extract
Combine:             3 1/2 c. flour
                               2 tsp. baking powder
                               1 tsp. salt
                               1/2 tsp. cinnamon (optional, but I use it unless I'm making another flavor)

Stir the dry mixture into the creamed mixture until dough comes together. Roll into walnut-sized balls and flatten with a glass dipped in sugar. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet (I use parchment paper) about 2" apart and bake 10-12 minutes at 350, or until the bottoms are light brown. Remove to racks to cool. Yield: about 3 dozen.

Sugar Cookie Icing

Stir together until smooth: 1 c. confectioner's sugar and 2 tsp. milk
Beat in (with a spoon): 2 tsp. light corn syrup and 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract (and coloring, if using)

Beat until smooth and glossy, adding milk 1/2 tsp. at a time for desired consistency.


Okay, now that you've got your cookies in the oven, how about a little something to stitch?
Here's a freebie I stitched up last year. It's still in the finishing pile, but maybe I'll get to that next week. Here's Jingle, Sparkle, Joy. 

Come on back tomorrow and see what we've got to eat and stitch!

Merry Christmas, y'all!


  1. Beautiful ornaments and your tradition of making them for your husband

  2. What a great tradition of stitching ornaments for you and your husband! And thank you for the link to the complimentary design. I would love to join you for cookies and some stitching! Where is that instant transport machine when you need it?

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Love that you have such a great tradition of making ornaments for your husband and yourself each year at Christmas. The four you showed us today are very nice. I will be happy to check back often.

  4. Love it. Looking forward to each day. :D Cathryn

  5. Very nice ornaments! I wish I could say I made his/her ones every year. That's so sweet. :)

  6. What a festive way to help celebrate the season :) Loved seeing your stitching! We're getting our oven replaced Monday so I just might make up these cookies and my to-do list for stitching just increased! :)


  7. I'm good for stitching and eating! Your ornaments are gorgeous and I like the tradition of asking your hubby which he would like stitched up. I think I'll do that with my daughter next Christmas! Thanks for the recipe, just when I'm planning on some heavy duty baking this coming weekend!

  8. Great ornaments... what a wonderful tradition!

  9. Great tradition. Yummy recipe to :)

  10. I love your ornament tradition. I make my kids ornaments most years. Some years I find the perfect ornaments in the store.
    This is a really neat open house. Thank you.

  11. Your stitching and finishing skills are superb!

  12. loved looking at your blog. its so neat. lindy