20 December 2014

Finishing a Perforated Paper Ornament

Back in the summer, I posted a little tutorial about how I finish my perforated paper pieces. In it, I mentioned that my mom uses old Christmas cards to finish her paper ornaments. That's how I did the finishing on my 2013 Santa ornament that I posted yesterday, and I wanted to do a quick post to show how cute your results can be.

Pretty cute, huh? (The ribbon hanger is attached to the head instead of the hat, since the hat is glued to the head... less likely the hat will come off if the ornament is not hanging from it.)

And here's a re-post of the finished ornament, from the 2013 issue of Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments.

Happy finishing!


  1. Yes, that is adorable! You and your mom are creative! :)

  2. Love the finishing idea; first time to your blog!!

    1. Welcome, Debbie! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Great idea and the ornament is sooooocute.

  4. The Christmas card for the backing is such a nice touch and an excellent idea. Thanks!

  5. Cute Christmas ornament; both from the front and the back.