08 December 2014

Homemade Needle Minders

I love needle minders... especially sparkly ones. I have a nice little collection of them but, as with all other stitchy toys, I could always use a few more! I recently cleaned out a bunch of old costume jewelry and saved a few pieces to make into needle minders. All you need is some super strong magnets (found some at Michael's) and some super glue. Ta-da!

An old pendant:

An old brooch:

And my favorite, made from one of a pair of earrings. The other earring will be made into a matching scissor fob.


  1. Those are great. I love all three but Hello Kitty is my favorite. I need to get my crown done. I've ordered some silver metallic acrylic paint so the magnet won't be so visible.

    1. Thanks, Lynn... can't wait to see your crown! :O)