05 March 2015

A spring lamb on a snowy day

My grandfather raised sheep, and my mom says that lambs were always born in the worst weather, so it seems appropriate to show off my little lamb on such a snowy day. This is from Victoria Sampler's Farmyard Babies.

She's supposed to be lying in the snow with snowflakes around her, but I wanted more of a spring look for this series, since my Woodland Babies and Woodland Birdies are all snowy. I just stitched the ground all in GAST Baby Spinach and omitted the snowflakes.

Notice anything odd about these two shots of a blue jay and a cardinal?

They're perched in exactly the same spot on the branch. Maybe the blue jay warmed up a spot for the cardinal!

A snowy day turned into a beautiful snowy evening...

...and Tiger Lily applied herself to the task of staying warm and cozy.

Happy Stitching!


  1. What a sweet lamb. Stay warm!

  2. You do some lovely stitching, I've just found your blog and love your Advent Animals - they look like fun to work on.

    1. Welcome, Ann! And thank you for stopping by!

  3. Your lamb is adorable! Lovely snow pictures! Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Hi HB,
    Of course I love the LAMB! Tiger Lily looks so relaxed. Cute about the birds! Hope your snow is melting by now. Slowly but surely here.