21 June 2015

Mental Health Weekend: Saturday

It's the first day of summer. Where has the first half of this year gone?! 

I "summerized" the basket in my sewing room. I don't have many summer finishes because--I must confess--I have no interest whatsoever in summer. I use it as a preparation period for my two favorite seasons, fall and winter. 

And I came sooo close to finishing Super Honeybee, but we had some severe weather last night that interrupted my stitching. All is well, but I didn't quite finish her.

I have to say, I absolutely love how she's turning out. That raised eyebrow kept bugging me, so I changed it. I think I'll change the "B" on her shirt from silver to pink as well, so it will show up better. 

The MHW continues apace: slowly. It's been a slooow, quiet weekend (except for weather drama last night), which is just what I wanted. One more day to savor.


  1. Super Honeybee is looking great!
    I like your summer basket.

  2. Your summer basket looks great! I really like your stitched summer Quaker piece and the folded star balls. Did you create them or buy them?

    Robin in Virginia

    1. Robin, I made them. They're very easy... they just look complicated. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube. Just search for "quilted ornaments".

  3. Wonderful work! Love your Spirit of America!