22 June 2015

Mental Health Weekend: Sunday

My Mental Health Weekend was a complete success! I'm ready to get back to doing all of the stuff I should be doing (instead of stitching all day), and that's a sure sign the break was needed and effective. I highly recommend it. 

Sunday was the Austrian Grand Prix. Can't stitch while that's going on... too exciting.

But I did finish Super Honeybee! Here she is, in all her super power-y glory! 

I stitched her on 32 ct. mint green linen, which I obviously can't get a good picture of! The top two pictures are too washed out, and the bottom is too yellow. Anyway, it's a very pretty soft green. Here are the other changes I made:

DMC 894 changed to 3609
DMC 956 changed to 3607
DMC 601 changed to 718
DMC 209 changed to 955       
E168 changed to Kreinik #8 101
eyes, eyebrows, nose: DMC 3031
cheeks: DMC 224
lips: DMC 223
hair: DMC 4145
earrings, floss lasso: Kreinik #4 001HL
pants, trim & soles of boots: Kreinik #8 010HL
(on the parts where I used #8 braid, I would have used #4 if I had had it; that's what I would recommend for 32 ct.)

The next thing I need to do is have a Finishing Weekend. I have a bunch of projects that need finishing and framing. Maybe I can swing that in a couple of weeks.


  1. She looks great!
    Ha! I need a finishing weekend also.

  2. Super Bee looks great! Glad your weekend went well!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Super Bee is super awesome:)

  4. Fantastic work on you Honeybee!

  5. Looks like you had a great weekend! I hope that it was the chill out you needed :) Gorgeous finish too :)