19 June 2015

Mental Health Weekend: Thursday

I am not a TV watcher. I like sports and old movies, but that's it. Last week while perusing the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) schedule, I discovered that Thursday night was monster bug movies and all day Friday was mystery/suspense movies. Also, the Austrian Grand Prix is Sunday (that's Formula 1 racing, by the way). An idea was born. I decided to do something I never do: sit in front of the TV for hours stitching and watching old movies and racing. I've been in need of a very low-key "mental health weekend" and this weekend would do nicely. I had a very productive week, got everything on my list done, cooked up a storm on Thursday so Mr. Wonderful wouldn't starve... and then I went "off duty." 

I had laid in supplies:

I chose a fun new project. I thought about working on Snowfire Christmas, but that takes too much brain power and I wanted something to capture the spirit of my weekend. I chose this freebie by Brooke Nolan. You won't be a bit surprised to hear I'm changing all the colors in her outfit, as well as cutting and coloring her hair (so she'll look a little more like me!). Oh. I'm also putting pants on her (also so she'll look more like me). *snort*

I settled in to watch mutant insect movies from the 50's, because why not?

Someone else showed up. Yes, that's the TV you can't see.

Giant larva attacks Tokyo!

I'm feeling better already. I mean, how could you not?

Stay tuned for all the unexciting low-lights of my ultra low-key Mental Health Weekend!


  1. That sounds like the perfect weekend! Hope you enjoy yourself. I love the DMC wonder woman.

  2. Love it!!! Sounds GREAT! I just might join you. ;) Cathryn

  3. I love this! Sounds like you've got a really fun weekend planned to me :P

  4. haha! I am not a TV watcher or much of an ice cream eater, but I know you will have a great weekend!
    I can't wait to see your finished Wonder Woman. I had thought to make her up last year, but I too thought she is way different than I. ;)

  5. Wish I could join you! Looks like fun! Enjoy!

  6. Wish I could join you! Looks like fun! Enjoy!

  7. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!

  8. Hope you're enjoying your mental health weekend, HB. Can't wait to see the "you" version of Wonder Woman. (As we all know, you ARE a wonder woman!) I love TCM...watch it a lot.

    Off to find some strawberries. Mmmm!

  9. Ice cream + stitching + old movies = great weekend

    Robin in Virginia