28 October 2016

The Fabric Hoard Grows

Just got my fabric from the big Picture This Plus Christmas in July sale! Yes, it took this long. Yes, it's totally worth it. Beautiful fabric and a very nice 25% discount; I look forward to it every summer.

All 28 ct. Cashel linen, from top to bottom: Tycho, Rosewood, Storm, Loch.

This is the design that I'll eventually stitch on Loch. It's not the recommended fabric, but I wanted something just a smidge more subdued. I like it. Bold color, but not too dark or overwhelming.

And here's a Sleeping Fox update: he has a nose!


  1. Your fabrics and designs are exellent!

  2. The fabrics are beautiful.
    Still waiting patiently for my order. :)
    The Fox piece will look great on Loch.
    Sleeping Fox is so pretty, and different.

  3. Sandra
    I love the fabric colors but the long wait always dissuades me. The Fox is going to be gorgeous!!!

  4. Honeybee, what a fabulous assortment of linens that arrived at your house! I ordered some of the Tycho as well. Your Sleeping Fox piece is moving along. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love your color choices. I like medium colored fabrics the best since they are easier on the eyes. I think Loch is the perfect color for your project.

  6. I love those fabrics. Thanks for the link. I am looking forward to watching your progress on both of those foxy projects.

  7. I need to write this sale on my calendar for next year. Those fabrics are luscious.