19 February 2017

Alchemy, Part 2: More Color Conversions

Welcome back! If you missed yesterday's post, check it out to get caught up. We're talking about color conversions and other ways to transform a design!

Here's an example of how doing a color conversion of only one element of a design can make a big impact. Apart from the fabric color, the only other major color change I made was to convert the house from red to purple. I was going for a gloomier look. This is Judith Kirby's Victorian House #9.

This is a red-to-brown conversion of a design from the 2015 Just Cross Stitch Special Halloween issue, for a more aged look.

This is an example of intensifying colors rather than completely changing them. I didn't stray too far from the original colors in this design (except for the border), but instead just brightened them up a bit. This is also from the 2015 JCS Halloween issue.

I stitched Just Nan's Honey Bunny according to the chart, and then stitched a few more in other bunny colors.

Green fabric instead of red, and a red/white swap: white letters and red squiggles flipped to red letters and white squiggles. Small changes that make a big difference.

Finally, this is Super Honeybee, my version of this DMC freebie of Super Emma the Super Stitcher. As you can see, I made all kinds of changes to customize her, including pants (I'm a big fan of pants), and a cut & color job on her hair to make it look like mine (my hair color is DMC 4145). Pretty cool little project, stitching a super hero in your own image!

Tomorrow I'll get to "renovations."


  1. Your fabric and thread changes are always amazing, Honeybee. You have a true knack and gift for it. I look forward to seeing your "renovations".

  2. You know what I'm going to do now ... see what DMC color matches my hair. I do know I have several silver metallic threads running through! ;)

  3. These look really good, and achievable without too much stress too! Thanks for the link to your previous post about how to do a conversion. You've really got me thinking now!

  4. Love all the changes you made Honeybee. I have to buy that adorable little bunny pattern. They are the cutest. Love how the pumpkins pop with the color choices you made and the deeper color linen. Great choices. RJ

  5. Great work on your colour conversions. I often change the colours of my projects. Sometimes because I had to use different fabric or wanted to use DMC.
    Love the Super HoneyBee conversion! I think my hair is a mixture of 3799 and Blanc!