21 February 2017

Alchemy, Part 4: Fun with Freebies

Changing thread colors and fabrics, and adding to and subtracting from designs doesn't come naturally to everyone. If you'd like to try your hand at it but you're not confident in your choices, I suggest practicing on some freebies. There's really no risk of failure: they're free, they're small, and you can use what you have in your stash to experiment with. Freebies allow you to really get comfortable with making your own color choices before tackling a larger color conversion.

These freebies from The Stitcherhood are excellent to play around with. Print them out and go crazy on fabric, thread, and embellishments. 

Here's a little Lizzie Kate freebie that can be stitched to match your kitchen.

Polka dot fabric and a few beads are the only changes to this pretty pumpkin freebie.

This is an old freebie that doesn't appear to be available anymore. It was charted in two colors, a brown bunny with blue scissors. I decided to make my bunny a Dutch, with pink scissors. I love that stark black and white against the soft green and pink.

Freebies are perfect for color experimentation. Print out a bunch and give it a go!


  1. Love your seasonal pieces from The Stitcherhood! Especially love the tiny heart buttons (you find the coolest embellishments, Honeybee)! The LK one looks fabulous in red/cream. Hmmm, gives me an idea for blue/white. Enjoy your day!

  2. Great idea ... there are so many freebies out there. The black and white finish was an inspired one, a perfect compliment.

  3. Oh my goodness! A Dutch bunny with pink scissors is THE BEST version of that I have EVER seen! ♥

  4. Your work is always so gorgeous. All of your conversions are amazing.

  5. What a fantastic job you did on all of these conversions Honeybee. I love the way you did Spring on the green check linen with the adorable heart buttons. And the dutch bunny is beyond adorable. Great job as usual. RJ

  6. OK you've convinced me! These are all so pretty. I have a little something to stitch for an Easter Exchange and I'm going to experiment with the colours. It's similar to your bunny and scissors in that it's small motifs so should be easy enough to adapt.

  7. I love the Stitcherhood freebies. I also stitched the Patrick Wood's rabbit. Here's my version - http://serendipitousstitching.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/prizes-galore-and-crazy-rabbit.html

    1. Wow, Jo! What a great take on that rabbit! :O)