06 February 2017

Stash Update

Lovely people have been sending me stuff again!

Patti in New York sent this cute little kit to make a small  perforated paper box with a fox on the top, a chicken coop on the bottom, and chickens on the side. It's adorable. Thank you, Patti!

And Ann in Ohio sent these beautiful Judith Kirby charts. Thank you, Ann!

I made a quick trip to my LNS on Sunday afternoon for their Super Bowl sale and picked up a few things. This Little House Needleworks design has been on my wish list for a while, and I found a needle minder to match!

Just Nan, Winter in the Meadow.

And a few ornament cuts of fabric. Because I can't resist fabric ever. I'm weak.

Today was a beautiful day here on the East Coast. It was in the upper 50's and nice enough to open the windows! Tiger Lily enjoyed some fresh air.

The next couple of days are supposed to be gorgeous, too, and then Thursday it's supposed to... not be gorgeous. Can't complain. It is winter, after all. Tiger Lily and I plan to have the windows open the next few days and enjoy as much fresh air in the house as we can before winter returns. I think fresh air breezing through the house is my favorite smell. It's a rare treat to get to enjoy it in February!


  1. What fun goodies you received from your friends! That fox box is simply adorable. Nice additions to your fabric stash and your stash in general. Enjoy these gorgeous days!

  2. What great gifts you received.
    Great stash too!
    Winter meadow is so pretty, it's on my list. :)
    It's great you can open windows, not quite warm enough here, but almost some days.

  3. Lovely goodies and stash! I'm stitching Victorian #14 myself right now...join me??

    1. So tempted, but can't. :O( I've got several WIPs that I've got to finish.

  4. Love all the goodies you received Honeybee. And your growing stash is great. Love the plaid and dotted linens. They are fun to stitch on too. Enjoy! RJ

  5. Tiger Lily in the sun...lucky gal. We had rain here all day. But warm tomorrow and SNOW on Thursday, lots of it!! :)

    I have a fabric problem too, with still more on my wish list. But isn't it lovely to "shop" from home when you are starting a new project?

  6. Great new designs. Little House Needleworks are lovely. How I envy you being able to open a window. It's going to be a while before we can do that!!