20 February 2017

Alchemy, Part 3: Renovations

"Renovations" is my term for designs that I've made structural changes to. I haven't done many of them, because I'm really more interested in fiddling with colors, but sometimes I want a different focal point in a design and there are a couple of easy ways to achieve that.

The first way is to "edit" or leave off parts of a design. For this Little House Needleworks design, I wanted the focal point to be the tomb, and I wanted a more stark look. I didn't stitch the angels or the star above the tomb, and I replaced the bright pink flowers with the purples used in the angels. 

The other easy way to change the focal point of a design is to "zoom in" on a small section. This is Snowy Foxes by Country Cottage Needleworks...

...and this is my "cropped" version of the design, focusing on the foxes. It almost looks like a completely different design, but nope! It's just zoomed in!

If you start looking at your stash with these ideas in mind, you might see a few designs that you could stitch up more quickly than you thought, simply by editing or cropping your favorite parts. 


  1. I really like your renovations on both of these projects, Honeybee. I actually prefer your He is Risen piece over the original. Way to go!

  2. Ah now I have tried this! I love both of your adaptations and like Robin prefer your version of He is Risen. It's gorgeous.
    Funnily enough I have been stitching Frosty Forest this month and have just started my final block which is ..Snowy Foxes! I've stitched them all on one piece of fabric so no adaptations!

  3. The finishing on the fox ornament is gorgeous. I love the idea of pulling certain elements out of a design, especially in stitching ornaments.

  4. And I also agree! I love your version Sara. It is fantastic!

  5. What month and year of JCS has that pattern He is Risen?

    1. Michelle, it has recently been republished as a separate chart. Any shop should have it.


    2. If you're looking in your JCS collection, I think it's March/April 2010.