15 July 2017

Saturday Sampler: Mid-Summer Edition

Goodies in the mail from Rita in Texas: gorgeous Bluebonnet fabric, and two beautiful little charms. These will be perfect for future Texas finishes! Thank you, Rita!

I love green. Look at all the different shades in this single fern.

Spot the deer?

I decided I wanted to fit in one (maybe two?) more summery-ish projects before I turned my attention to Christmas stitching. I start thinking about Christmas every year in July. I've been playing in my stash for the last couple of days, trying to decide what my next few projects will be, and besides this one, they're all Christmas-y. I also need to get serious and make decisions about what fabric I'll be getting during the annual PTP Christmas in July sale, which is only 10 days away! Anyway, speaking of fabric, I've had this piece of Fabric Flair Berkshire Hive in my stash for a while, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this project will look on it. I went to my LNS yesterday to choose threads. What a blessing it is to have an LNS close by and be able to see and compare colors. 

One of my favorite parts of stitching: pretty fabric awaiting the first stitch!


  1. Hello Miss Tiger Lily! Were you watching the deer as well? Your fern is gorgeous. What lovely blue bonnet fabric and charms that Rita sent you. Now, you have me curious about what you are planning to stitch on the 'hive' fabric with those pretty threads.

  2. Such beautiful Blue Bonnet fabric. I'm hardly a Texan, however I do love those pretty blue flowers & the fabric. Your ferns & is it a Hosta, really have such lovely shades. I see the watch is being kept, how sweet. One of our Burmese, would sit & wait on the landing until we returned. These days it is too cold for her, at almost 18yo. She prefers to sleep on her electric blanket while we are out & greets us warmly on our return.

  3. Cute charms and Bluebonnet fabric.
    Pretty greens.
    This is going to be one pretty project.

  4. Rita send you a lovely gift, the fabric is perfect for Texas finishes. Green happens to be our favorite color too!! We wish we had an LNS shop close by but it's probably a good thing we don't!! Looking forward to seeing what you stitch with those pretty colors! Mary & RJ

  5. How very kind of Rita to send you such sweet gifts. I just love ferns of all types.♥

  6. Hello Copper Fox, I don't believe you follow my blog, and I sadly didn't know about you until today and I've been one of the "original" cross stitch bloggers being the author at my rather popular blog way, way, way back since 2006. I finished a Plum Street Sampler "12 Days" piece today from one of my clients and it is stunningly, wondrously gorgeous. When I just asked about her color choices she told me "The Copper Fox" was where she got the colors. I just swung by to see your blog...and have looked through your posts over the last 5 years and I have to say, what a talented stitcher you are. Your Plum Street Conversion is gorgeous and your finishing and finishing work is as well. My hats off to you. The finish I did today was utterly delectable. Your creative muse is spot on. Have a tremendously, blessed day!

  7. I have been so anxious to see the finished Texas basket of great stitches but I'm on a two month trip and have not had much use of a computer until today. We got to spend a great week in Texas and now are enjoying Colorado for 10 days on our way to Yellowstone.

    I certainly was not disappointed ... your Texas basket came out gorgeous!!! I can't even pick out a favorite because each one has such personality. As a huge lover of Texas, each one spoke to me. Your finishes are beyond wonderful. Great job Honeybee!

    And such a sweet gift from Tina...I know you will do something special with it. RJ @ stitching friends forever

  8. When I saw your Texas projects, I knew you "needed" some fabric and charms. I'm glad you like them.

    I'm s inspired and entertained by your blog!