07 July 2017

Texas finishes, up close and personal

As promised, here are close-ups of my finishes for my Texas basket. The fabric they're sitting on is the fabric I used for the backing.

This little pair of wildflower designs, a Bluebonnet and an Indian Paintbrush, is from an old, out-of-print booklet of Texas designs by Margaret K. Carlson, Designs from Redbone Valley.

The design on the left was created especially for my Texas basket by Holly DeVivo of Misty Hill Studio, and the flag on the right is from the booklet I mentioned above.

I found this leather trim when I raided the cording section (jewelry/leather working) at Hobby Lobby. 

Two from Redbird Designs: on the left, the Alamo, from the 12 Days of a Texas Christmas; on the right, an old freebie.

More finds from the cording section at Hobby Lobby. For the design on the right, I braided three colors of leather cord to create the trim I wanted.

This cord comes in more than a dozen colors and is very easy to work with.

And two more from Redbird Designs: Bluebonnet Blooms and Texas Market Basket.

This stretchy, woven ribbon trim is usually used (I think) to make headbands for babies, but it's really perfect for finishing. I used the 1 1/2" wide trim and simply folded it in half and pinned it on. It's hands down the easiest, fastest way to trim a flat finish I've ever tried. It gives you a fluffy look, similar to ruched ribbon, but it's lightning fast. I've seen this stuff for years but never thought about using it until recently. Now I'm hoarding all the colors.

So glad to have this project done! And thanks again for all the encouragement and the kind comments!


  1. I love the small flowers Pinkeeps, wonderful works.

  2. They all look great.
    Thanks for the heads up on the cording.
    Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

  3. Wow! Gorgeous! Loving seeing what you used to finish. :) Cathryn

  4. My goodness! You are really good at finishing! Seriously. Soooo pretty!

  5. Honeybee, thank you for sharing the close-up shots of your Texas basket along with the trim information. Each piece is fabulous. Enjoy your Texas basket!

  6. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom on your blog! You are certainly creative!

  7. Thanks for more detailed individual pictures and telling us how you finished them. I love them all...and it's a good thing we don't live closer or they might turn up missing. ;-)

  8. Oh I love all those trims that you used and how you altered them to fit your needs. You have given me some great ideas. Those two little flowers are just beautiful. I love the Indian Paintbrush.

  9. Oh, how wonderful all your Texas finishes are!! Braiding the leather cording is just perfect for those two stitches and what a great idea to use that woven trim to make an easy rouching!! Love the twisting of the two colors of ribbon with the pins... Such great inspiration for finishing and all your stitching is wonderful too!! Love your Texas Basket!!! Mary and RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  10. What a great basket and so many useful finishing tips too!

  11. Honeybee, I truly love all of your Texas finishes. One is prettier than the next. I really like how you braided the leather...what a smart choice. When I get back home, I will take a lot more time looking and admiring each one. RJ