06 November 2017

November Memo Board & Stash Update

Mr. Wonderful has been gone about a week (five weeks to go!) and let's just say that last week was not great. How-ev-er! Robin in Virginia put on her superhero cape and swooped in to provide much-appreciated cheer! Just look at these goodies! 

A precious, precious little felted wool fox ornament.

Beautiful JOY notecards, to go with my stitching theme during Mr. Wonderful's absence.

A patriotic needle minder (how perfect?) and a stitch starter. 

This little box absolutely made my day. Thank you so much, Robin. And by the way, whenever anyone sends anything to me wrapped in tissue paper, this is what happens to it. Tiger Lily loves tissue paper with all her little heart and she thinks the tissue paper in every package is for her. And so it is. (My mom includes tissue paper in my boxes whether anything needs wrapping or not, so Tiger Lily will have some.)

Here's my November memo board. See this post for info on this easy project.

And here is some gorgeous new Fabric Flair fabric from 123 Stitch. This is 28 ct. Fairy Mist. Beautiful, soft lavender, blue, pink, green, and yellow with a subtle silver sparkle. I bought a small piece just to see how it would look in person, but now I know I need moar.

And 28 ct. blue snowflakes on silver. So frosty and wintry.

I am "thisclose" to finishing Playing with Jax. I only have the bottom border left to stitch, but I took a little break from it to consider how I wanted to stitch it. Hope to have that finished in the next day or two. I need to get going on my JOY projects. In the meantime, here's a little peek at the one I'll be starting next:


  1. I like the update on your November memo board, Honeybee. Is the dotted blue fabric in the last picture from Fabric Flair? The snowflake fabric is cool. Off to check it out! Happy to have made your day along with Tiger Lily's! Good to know about the tissue paper!

    1. Yes, ma'am! 28 ct. Snow linen from Fabric Flair, also available from 123 Stitch.

  2. Lovely little wool felted fox, our cats would want to play with it instead of the paper:-)

  3. Robin is one of the kindest people I know.

    Hee hee ... I'm stitching something right now with Buckeye Scarlet, too. Our favorite red!! Great minds ...

  4. Great goodies you received!
    The fabrics are beautiful.
    Tiger Lily is so cute sitting on her tissue paper, whatever makes her happy. :)

  5. What super gifts from Robin. She is an awesome lady with a sweet heart.

    Love your new board and your new fabrics are awesome. RJ

  6. Robin is so thoughtful to send you a surprise package with such lovely gifts. Such nice friends in the stitching world. The little fox is precious.

    Great idea for the memo board!! Mary

  7. Oh, such nice gifts to receive! How very precious Tiger Lily habits are!

  8. where did you get my muffy?your tiger lily looks just like my muffy and she looks just as sweet.arent you lucky to have such a wonderful friend to send you such nice gifts. hope your sweety gets home soon

  9. So sorry to hear about a rough first week! Robin's gifts are delightful and I'm glad to read they were a great pick me up!

    That's red - Buckeye Scarlet - I've not seen before. It's wonderful!

  10. The felt fox is so adorable! I hope you have a much nicer time in the weeks to come :)