17 July 2014

Had to share!

I've been playing in my stash a lot this week. Remember that really cute Woodland Sampler I downloaded a few posts ago? The PDF is 34 pages long. Yes, I know. Well, I only printed out about half of them, since both color and b/w charts were provided and I prefer b/w. Anyway, so I have this 16 or 17 page design. For someone who usually stitches smalls, this is an issue.

But I found this!

Brand: Avery. Product number: 47671. Stitchy usefulness: Awesome.

Here's my new pattern book.

With a super spiffy spine.

I love this thing. Really great for designs with lots and lots and lots of pages.

I will be hoarding these.

1 comment:

  1. WHOA. That's hella big. Bet you can see it from a mile away though. I really appreciate that now that I"m older and my eyes are crankier. lol