31 July 2014

Peter Polar Bear

What?! Ten posts in one month? That's crazy talk. It kinda makes me look way more productive than I've actually been, stitchy-wise. My current obsession is to catch up on the Brooke's Books Advent Animal freebie series. I was all proud of myself that I finally finished #2 in the series, and the very next day she posted #6--which, if you haven't seen it, will crack you up.

Here's Peter Polar Bear, with a slightly re-designed sweater.

I'm working on Mary Mouse (#3) today and hope to have her finished soon. It's August tomorrow, and that's when the Halloween stitching bug really gets me, so hopefully I'll be moving on to some of that soon. Meanwhile, it's funny little Christmas animal stitching for me.


  1. He is adorable. You did a great job!

  2. Love this gang. I am collecting them all. I am saving them for future grandkids ornaments!! And no, none of our three are seriously dating. HA!

  3. Cute stitching! I love these little guys too, and am planning to do them someday, probably also for future grandkids.
    Loving all the blog posts! Keep 'em comin' ;)

  4. Hi Honeybee! It's adorable. Can't wait to see the others. I hope you have a great weekend! (Yea, hard to believe it's Aug. 1st already.)

  5. Thanks, everybody! These really are fun... and the price is right! :O)