10 July 2014

Please step away from the stash.

Oh my. I've fallen off the wagon. Jumped off, actually. I usually don't buy much stash--a few things every few months. But yesterday? Yesterday I went wild. Wild for me, anyway. Must be stress.

So my LNS called yesterday and told me my JCS Halloween Special Collector's Issue had arrived and I went to pick it up. While I was there, a few other things jumped into my hands. Oh, and I also pre-ordered the JCS Christmas Ornament issue.

Then I stopped by Target and found this little jewelry holder to hang my stitched Halloween ornaments on this fall. I've been looking for one for a while and this one is just perfect. See the little squirrels?

Then when I got home I placed an order with Herrschners for the new issue of Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine, and also purchased a downloadable chart while I was at it.

Then I wandered over to The Stitchery and bought this adorableness

Then while I was searching for something else, I stumbled across THIS, which is so cute I nearly passed out. Instead of passing out, I bought it.


Tiger Lily says, "Well, I hope you're proud of yourself."

Let's just call it Christmas in July. And July aint over yet!


  1. Wonderful finds! Sometimes you just have to let loose and shop! Laura

  2. Jewelry holder idea is so clever and a neat design too. Well done on the stash! Enjoy!

  3. Oh your Woodland Sampler is truly cute! And the Fox Pups pillow top! ;)

  4. That is super cute! I am going to look at our Target. Too bad they don't have one with foxes.

  5. Y'all are not helping... LOL! :O)

    Rachel, I would *die* if I could find one with foxes. FYI, I found this one in the housewares; it was on an end cap, I *think* somewhere near the picture frames.