04 January 2019

What in the world am I doing?

I'm moving in three months, so I...

...joined a SAL?

I did. 

Me: Let's see, I've got 100 things to do in the next three months. Here's my list that's growing by the day. Now I have to remember to...

Also me: Oooo! New SAL! (*runs wildly off into the woods*)


Here's how this happened. If y'all have been here for a while, you know that the week between Christmas and the New Year is my Stitchy Planning Week: the week I look forward to, the week that's all mine, the week I spend playing in my stash and choosing projects for the coming year. It's a tradition I created for myself that I love.

This year's Planning Week was different, however, since we're moving soon. This year I spent the time kitting up projects to see me through until about June. I am not normally a "kitter-upper." I just gather up my supplies for a project and get going, but that gathering up can take me a while, since I'm usually changing fabric and threads. It's time consuming, but I enjoy it. Since I don't really have the luxury of time to play in my stash right now (or for the foreseeable future), I decided to kit up a bunch of projects so they're ready to go, ready to travel, ready to keep me occupied while waiting for quarters and household goods. They're all pretty small (no pressure! quick finishes!) and they're all Christmas (merry! joy!)! 

So! That leads me to this SAL I signed up for. I stumbled across the Christmas Ornie SAL while checking out the sister site (which is Halloween). I noticed the new themes for 2019 and was immediately taken with Theme #3, which is stitching ornaments from back issues of the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament magazines. I was attacked by an idea, which is the usual way I have ideas. Last year I bought a Christmas tree for my sewing room... rose gold tinsel. So pretty, and so perfect for my pink/green sewing room. I decided to use this SAL as an excuse opportunity to stitch up a bunch of ornaments for my sewing room tree, using pink and green color conversions! Wow, right? It's almost like I'm not moving soon!

Since I was already kitting up small projects, small CHRISTMAS projects, and since my tree needs ornaments, it seemed logical and not-at-all-nuts to sign up for this SAL. I'm excited about it and really looking forward to starting on my January ornament later today. If you love stitching Christmas, check it out. The host, Kaye, is very nice and she says this is a no-pressure SAL, which is the best kind, of course. She has three themes to choose from this year (or you can do all three if you're Wonder Woman), the other two being #1 The Twelve Days of Christmas and #2 Christmas Carols. I'll be posting my finishes here and over there, as well.

Here's January, all ready to go!


  1. It is definitely a no-pressure SAL - simply a celebrate when you get an ornament done period. Very laid back. Just think, plan on supplies for several ornaments out of just 2 of the magazines now equals 1 kit = many projects.
    Hope you like the new Post. As a kid I had little to do when we moved but always wondered what kind of school there would be. My first civilian school wasn't til 6th grade.

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun Honeybee. I think it is a great idea. Even though you will be very busy with your move...you need some me time too. As someone that moved 17 times with the Air Force, I highly recommend it. I can't wait to see all the lovelies you will stitch up and your wonderful finishes. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  3. OOOOOO! I am very excited by the looks of your first ornament!

  4. I think it is the perfect SAL for you with this upcoming move. No pressure, plus you were already kitting up smalls to keep you entertained during this move, waiting on quarters/household goods, etc. I can't wait to see what you come up with in the way of color conversions for your sewing room tree. Enjoy your weekend, Honeybee!

  5. I think this sounds like a wonderful idea! Since there's no pressure or deadlines, it will just be fun, and a great way to work on ornaments for your tree! I'm looking forward to seeing them!

  6. Your excitement for your SAL comes right through my iPad screen! I have been rethinking my plans and may do a Christmas ornament a month. At least an ornament is do able in between getting your house and goods in order. Looking forward to seeing your finishes and in your chosen colors. That should be real pretty!

  7. I think this is the only kind of SAL that I could ever manage, I love the idea of no pressure! Enjoy your Christmas projects. x

  8. Even if you are packing/moving, you still need a little stitching time!
    Your choice is beautiful, can't wait to see what ornament it is.

  9. I had planned to try to stitch one Christmas ornament per month in addition to my regular stitching. I did this one year and I was so happy to have finished ornaments in December.

  10. Hello I am a new follower, I have added you to my RSS. I will check out that SAL. That pink treasure braid is stunning and I am not even a pink lovin' girl. Happy Stitching

    1. Welcome, and thanks for visiting! That Petite Treasure Braid is Powder Pink #PB28. It's great, isn't it?

  11. "I was attacked by an idea, which is the usual way I have ideas." LOL But you're mugged by so many good ones! I think this is a fabulous plan and I can't wait to see your tree when you're finished ;) Happy New Year and best of luck with the move!