27 April 2017

More Texas, more tiny baking!

The Texas goodies continue to flow in! This super cute chart arrived today from Robin in Virginia. I'm already thinking of ways to customize it. Thank you, Robin!

These pretties arrived from a shop in Texas, part of last week's mini Texas shopping spree. The two Redbird Designs charts will be small enough for my Texas basket; the wildflower design on the right would be too big, but I couldn't resist it.

And speaking of goodies, I did a little more tiny baking today. This is a mini sprinkle cake, only 6"! You could use any of the seasonal color combinations of sprinkles: pastels for spring, red/white/blue for summer, brown/orange/yellow for fall, red/green for Christmas. Just a fun little cake when you want to celebrate something--anything, really. Like making it through the week. The recipe is in Christina Lane's Sweet & Simple.

Isn't this cute? I found the tiny cake stand at Michael's earlier this spring.

Mr. Wonderful is treating himself to a little carbohydrate-heavy NFL draft party tonight. I couldn't find any football-y paper goods, so I went with something bright and cheerful.

You probably need a tiny cake, too. I'm pretty sure everyone does.


  1. Your tiny baked cake looks fabulous. What a super find in the mini cake plate! What kind of frosting did you ice your sprinkle cake with? I love the little Redbird Designs that arrived along with the field of Texas wildflowers. I look forward to seeing how you customize the My Big Toe chart, Honeybee.

    1. The frosting is from scratch: butter, powdered sugar, milk, and some sprinkles. Very rich. A tiny piece is enough! :O)

  2. Stitching choices look good for your basket. Love the legos!

  3. Such fabulous charts! Makes me jealous that there are not a line of Wisconsin charts out there! I would design them around cheese!!!♥ Love the Legos. :) We need HUGE cake around here actually. All three of my adult kids live at home still. ;)

  4. Nice Texas stitching there. Looking forward to seeing how they look stitched up. I am missing the NFL draft; I don't have cable so maybe I can catch it live streaming somewhere. No little cake for me today since I had a little ice cream yesterday by the name of Haagen-Dazs!

  5. Lve the wee cake & the bright coloured accessories.