05 April 2017

Stitchapalooza: Day 3

Well! Look what arrived last night from Mr. Wonderful (who is currently nearly 5,ooo miles away). The card said they were for Stitchapalooza.

I deliberately exercised bad judgement this morning and did some more baking. This is a fresh-from-the-oven mini Texas Chocolate Sheet cake, made using this recipe. This is quarter sheet sized. My pan is 11.35" x 8", so it's pretty small for a sheet cake, but it's still way too much cake for one person and I don't even care. I've already had two pieces and I'm not sorry. 

It. is. delicious.

And while I will not continue to update y'all on my progress on killing this cake (in an effort to preserve a small shred of my dignity), I will show you my progress on LHN's One More Stitch. This is my pink/purple conversion. I really like how the colors are working out.

My stitching notebook is pretty much done. I haven't yet decided what to do with the inside back cover, but otherwise it's finished. Front cover:

Back cover:

Here's a shot with the light reflecting off the cover so you can see that I've sealed it. I use Ranger Multi Medium Matte for adhesive and sealing. I use an inexpensive paintbrush to apply it when I'm using it as a sealer, and it dries to a hard, nicely textured, water-resistant finish. 

These are the Washi tape section dividers I mentioned in my last post, which correspond with the little circles on the table of contents on the inside front cover that I showed yesterday. I'll be able to quickly flip to whatever I'm looking for.

My notebook is now ready for me to transfer all the information on all those bits of paper.

My plan for tomorrow is to tackle some finishing that's been piling up. It's been too long since I've had a finishing day, and Stitchapalooza is the perfect time. Back with more tomorrow!


  1. Honeybee those are gorgeous flowers from a great husband! You are really making great use of this TDY...stitching, baking, and a super looking notebook!!! Love the stitch and the colors you have chosen. I've been working on a notebook myself with a stitch on the front. And really, really want a piece of that cake! Enjoy the rest of your week. RJ

  2. Oh yum, that cake looks delicious.
    One more stitch is looking great with those colors.
    That's a great notebook project.

  3. Lovely flowers. So sweet! Just like your cake!! Yum! The notebook is wonderful.

  4. Oh my goodness, Honeybee! Cake and flowers! The cake looks so yummy (and now I want cake) and the flowers are beautiful. Your stitching notebook looks great and I know it will bring you pleasure to use it. I love your start to the LHN piece. Your choice of threads looks grand on your fabric choice.

  5. Well, aren't you having a good time while Mr. Wonderful is away? :-) I love Texas sheet cake; it's not safe for me to be around it either. Enjoy the rest of Stitchapalooza!