10 April 2017

Stitchapalooza Status Update

I'm back! So, that domestic issue that interrupted my finishing activities on Thursday ended up taking over all of Friday, bringing Stitchapalooza to an abrupt halt. Nothing serious. We live in quarters, and when the powers that be decide to paint the master bath, the master bath gets painted. If it takes all day, it takes all day. If it prevents you from picking up Mr. Wonderful at the airport, it prevents you from picking up Mr. Wonderful at the airport. As you can probably tell, Friday was not how I envisioned it. It was followed by a busier than expected weekend, the result of all that being that my Stitchapalooza project isn't done, and I still have a pile of finishing to complete. 


Extend Stitchapalooza, of course! Happily, the weather was beautiful over the weekend and Mr. Wonderful spent his time grilling, so I'm off the hook on cooking this week! How about that?

I did get some stitching done this weekend. Here's my progress on my pink/purple conversion of LHN's One More Stitch. Just the alphabet to go and it will be finished.

I even put some time in on Sleeping Fox.

For week 2 of Stitchapalooza, I'm hoping to finish up One More Stitch and catch up on my finishing. If I get all of that done, maybe I'll be able to get some framing done. Will there be more tiny baking? Maybe. Probably. Okay, yes. If I can't resist. 

By the way, y'all will be proud of me: there was still cake left when Mr. Wonderful got home!


  1. Sleeping Fox looks good as does One More Stitch. I am really enjoying your pink/purple conversion. I look forward to seeing more tiny baking creations. Excited that Stitchapalooza has been extended!

  2. Both your projects are fab! So is Mr. Wonderful with his grilling! Yes, I am proud there was cake left. :D