30 May 2013

I'm Back (sort of)

Well, I had a couple more posts in me this month, but we've got a super annoying computer problem at the moment and I'm having to create this post on Mr. Wonderful's laptop, which is also super annoying. So, I'm super annoyed. But I have a cute finish.

This is a little freebie that I can't provide the link for at the moment, but when I get my computer back I'll add it. If you want to hunt for it, it's at Balades et Broderies par Carmela. This one is stitched in Gentle Art Baby Spinach, Bittersweet, and Sable and Weeks Periwinkle.

 Off to set the laptop on fire.

16 May 2013

SAL Update: Meet the Boys

Skeleton Crew finally has a crew!

Meanwhile, this was going on behind me...

Overcome with fatigue, no doubt.

12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, and to all those who mother.

09 May 2013

Fun with Paint!

Me, again. I'm on fire, huh? Today I have a non-stitchy finish for you, but it's sparkly, so it belongs here. Y'all know I'm big on sparkly. Have you seen those gorgeous sparkly bowls and platters they have at Pier One Imports? They're from Turkey and/or Italy and start at about $25. I drool over those every time I go in there, but it did occur to me, after I examined one closely, that I should be able to make my own. Kinda. So, off I went to Hobby Lobby.

My supplies. The plate was $1.50 (50% off) and the acrylic paint was $3.93 (30% off) and the glitter spray was $4.79 (40% off coupon). Grand total: about 10 bucks. The paint colors are all metallic: Ice Blue, Blue Pearl, and Aquamarine.

I gave the plate a good spray with the glitter stuff, but it wasn't sparkly enough. So I went to my old stand-by, Glamour Dust! It goes on white, so you can see what you're doing, and dries clear. When I do the next one, I'll skip the glitter spray and just use a couple of coats of Glamour Dust. If I don't factor in the cost of the glitter spray, my sparkly plate now costs less than $6. How about that? By the way, all the painting goes on the back of the plate.

 Slapped on some paint. Just swirled it around. Artfully, you know.

It looks messy (and it is) but it doesn't matter because when it dries and you flip it over, you get this:

Pretty good, huh? (The blob at center left is a reflection.) Of course, it's not as gorgeous as the ones at Pier One... but it's also not as expensive! And I made it myself, and in my book, it gets extra points for being homemade. Homemade is awesome. Within reason.

It's now waiting for a coat of silver spray paint and a coat of sealer to finish off the back, but that has to wait until we get some dry weather. We're socked in with rain all week. When the sun comes out, I may be able to get a better picture to show. Then again, the sparkliness may fry my camera, so we'll see. I'm already planning another one in fall colors. (I heard you gasp... I know, right?!)

06 May 2013

Little Things

"Little things comfort us because little things distress us." (Pascal)
It's fun to go big every now and then, but it's the little things that get us through day-to-day life.

A little finish... this is my fifth Woodland Baby (Victoria Sampler). Two more to go.

A little package... my new set of counting pins from The French Needle. Aren't they pretty?

A little face...

 Happy Stitching... even if it's just a little.

03 May 2013

Tutorial: How to supervise an evening of stitching

1) Check that all supplies are present and correct. Coat with fur. Taste floss.

2) Settle comfortably. Stare until attention is directed back at you. 

3) When bored, nod off adorably to hint that it's bedtime.

4) If the hint isn't taken and stitching continues, be more obvious.

5)  If stitching persists, fake exhaustion. This should cause the stitching lamp to be turned off and everybody can go to bed.