25 June 2018

Clover and Lace Update

Finished the Queen Anne's Lace... isn't it beautiful?

This is my Saturday-Sunday project for the summer; I've got something else going during the week. I am so enjoying this stitch. I look forward to picking it up every weekend. Scroll down a couple of posts for design info and a picture of the model.

21 June 2018


It's cookie time for everyone! Look what arrived today!

Finally got my little mitts on Judith Kirby's Victorian House #13, Midwinter Moonlight. I've been seeing it here and there for far more than I wanted to pay, but I finally found one that was reasonably priced (for me). This completes my years-long quest to acquire this seasonal set:

About five years ago, I bought Autumn House from a fellow stitcher and two years ago I stitched it using my purple house color conversion. (I really need to get this framed.)

In February of last year, a very kind stitcher who was de-stashing gifted me with Spring and Summer.

I have #14, Summer Sunset, in my to-stitch basket for this summer. I've got a piece of fabric picked out for it and I'm anxious to see if it will look as cool in real life as it does in my head. I've got fabric in mind for Spring as well, but I think that house is going to need a paint job and I haven't decided on a color for it yet.

Lately, I've found myself reaching back to older designs, and re-imagining them with different color schemes or on hand dyed fabric (or both). It is amazing what a difference just changing the fabric makes. If you've been visiting for a while, you know that I love fiddling with color (if you're new, click on the "color conversions" tab below the header picture), and one really fun way to do that is to "update" an older design with a bold fabric choice. Even though my mom taught me to stitch when I was about five, I didn't start stitching in earnest until I was about 15, and back in those dark days, blue Aida was a bold choice. Now, there is an endless array of colorful Aida, linen, and evenweave. And those older designs whose models were stitched on white Aida deserve a second look. 

So, I encourage you to keep a sharp eye out for older treasures wherever they may be found: garage sales, Goodwill, clearance bins at your LNS, or online; they're usually really inexpensive. Plunk down $3 for your chart, splurge on some beautiful fabric, and breathe new life into an aging design. 

Happy Hunting... and may all your Stitchy Quests end in Victory!

19 June 2018

Summer Stitching

I am slowly emerging from my Stanley-Cup-winning-induced fog, though I absolutely intend to celebrate all summer. I've got a couple of new projects going (but only one you can see), and of course, even the delirium of victory cannot cloud my ability to acquire fabric. Let's see what I've been up to. 

Here's my beautiful summer project, Clover and Lace by Misty Hill Studio. The verse reads:

Her lawn looks like a meadow
And if she mows the place
She leaves the clover standing
And the Queen Anne's lace

I adore this. It reminds me of my Grandparents' home. Somewhere there's a picture of me standing in their front yard, knee-high in Queen Anne's lace, spared from the mower. I'm stitching this on 28 ct. PTP Oaken and sticking pretty close to the called-for colors, which I'll post when I have a finish to show. Look at those sweet little bunns!

I made a new fairy door needle minder.

Here's what the package looks like, in case you go hunting for it. I think it came from Hobby Lobby, but these little button packs are everywhere. I think the round door on the right looks like a Hobbit door!

New fabric has come to live at my house! These are Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie. Left: Colonial Parchment; right: Simply Sage. Both are 28 ct. linen.

Fabric Flair. Left: Bridesmaid; right: Nut. Both 28 ct.

Fabric Flair Fairy Mist with Silver, 28 ct. I've shown some of this before, but I decided to get a bit more because it's so pretty and very delicately sparkly. I get all of my FF fabric from 123 Stitch.

And finally...

Believe it or not, I've started on my Christmas Open House 2018. This year will be my fifth annual Open House, and I wanted to do something extra special. I came up with the theme about a month ago, and I've just started to work on it. And yes, it will take me six months to get it done! But when you're having fun, it's not really work, is it?

09 June 2018

Saturday Sampler: Stanley Cup Edition

Had to make a celebratory wreath for our front door! A $4.97 wreath from Wal Mart, a few letters and some glitter from Michael's, and some aluminum foil and hot glue. Boom!

I'm actually kinda proud of my little Stanley Cup. I'm pretty proud of the big one, too!

I may have worn these Friday:

The night before Game 5, we went to dinner at our favorite little Italian place and then took a walk around the lake near our house. Throughout dinner and our walk, we talked about the Caps, the playoffs, the Final, the upcoming game. Oh, the anxiety! Would they win the Cup? (Geese, completely unconcerned.)

They did. And it was glorious. I'm still recovering from all the nerves and excitement and tears and lack of sleep. The Stanley Cup playoffs are not for the faint-of-heart, and the Final is absolutely brutal on the nerves. I'm worn out!

Tiger Lily is recovering from all of the excitement, too. She is very much a little creature of habit, especially when it comes to her bedtime. The late nights of playoff hockey and all the hollering have interfered with her beauty sleep.

We'll all be snoozing peacefully this weekend.

08 June 2018


Our Washington Capitals just won the Stanley Cup! Much joyful yelling from Mr. Wonderful (sorry, neighbors!) and many joyful tears from me! 


Well done, boys. What a run.