31 May 2015

May Update: Snowfire Christmas

Welp, another month gone by, another band done. *sigh* At this rate, it'll take me until December to finish this sampler. I'm just not getting/taking the time to sit and stitch like I need to in order to make the progress I want to make. I'm sure a lot of y'all can relate to that. So, here's a band of right angled leaf stitches. 

Now I'm going to go stitch something that doesn't require me to stare at the chart. 

30 May 2015

23 May 2015

Woodland Sampler: May Block

Super cute chubby little gnome for May! 

22 May 2015

Colin Cardinal

I'm sooo far behind with my projects, but I finally have a little finish. With as little stitching as I've been getting done, I'm surprised I'm not further behind with this series, but I'm hanging in there. Fifteen have been released, #16 should be out next week.

Changes on this guy... I omitted the Christmas lights along the top of the birdhouse (I think those are lights) and added a few more snowflakes to fill in the space left empty by doing that. I gave him a brown eye instead of blue, backstitched his head in 321 instead of the two colors suggested, and backstitched his beak in one strand of 310 instead of two. 

If you'd like to see all my other finishes in this series, along with the changes I made, just click on the Advent Animals label.

Happy Stitching!

13 May 2015

Tiger Lily Takes The Air

The best thing about re-arranging my sewing room is that now my stitching chair sits under the window (instead of next to it) and Tiger Lily can climb onto the back of it and get right up to the windows. She has a window with a little basket in front of it downstairs, but until now she didn't have a very good view from an upstairs window.

Today was a gorgeous day, and I had all the windows open. There was a stiff breeze and she was able to get a snootful of fresh air and a little sun. Here she is... fur blowing in the wind... taking the air.

This is a happy kitty.

06 May 2015

New Ort Thingy

I've never had an ort jar or ort bag or anything used just for orts (wow... autocorrect really does not like the word "ort"). I usually just pile them on the table next to me, or on the base of my Ott light, and then toss them when I'm finished stitching for the day. When I spruced up my sewing room a couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to find the perfect ort jar.

Mr. Wonderful is something of a pottery connoisseur and buys local pottery every chance he gets. I have a few pieces as well, but he has quite a beautiful collection of pottery from all the places we've been. This past weekend we were at a local festival and I found this sweet little pot and thought, "There's my ort thingy!" It's actually hard to find pale pink pottery. I've only ever seen two pieces, and I bought them both. 

It's somewhat irregular... sort of lumpy, with the rim higher on one side than on the other, but that gives it a character I love. I also love the wide mouth, which makes emptying it easy.   I readily admit that I'm easily pleased by really simple things, and this little pot is one of them. I'm so happy with it, and wanted to show it off. 

Happy Stitching!

01 May 2015


This is a very small section of Antique Bee Sampler by Elizabeth's Designs. It's stitched with Caron Wildflowers Tiffany Rose, Weeks Squash and Whitewash, and DMC 310 on 32 ct. mint green Belfast.

I need to have a very productive May, stitching-wise. I'm a little behind on the Advent Animals. I'm about halfway through #13 and #15 just came out. As I confessed yesterday, I didn't get all the bands done on Snowfire Christmas that I wanted to. And there's other stuff I want to be stitching on. I need more hands.