30 October 2021

Happy Halloween!


Still busy in the sewing room! Here are a few more finishes. I just finished stitching these lovely cat's eyes, available here. Stitched on 28 ct. black even weave.

This is Happy Halloween by Silver Creek Samplers, mounted on a wooden plaque from Michael's and embellished with a bit of a branch from our yard and some wooden leaves. My notes on stitching this are in this post.

And here is a wee fox ghostie! Isn't he cute? From this Etsy shop and stitched on 28 ct. PTP Dawn.

From my previous post, more pics of these finishes, just because I think they're pretty.

Happy Halloween, Happy Stitching... and On To Christmas!

21 October 2021

Fall Finishing & Framing (& Enabling)

I have been playing in my sewing room! Prepare to be enabled!

Squirrel freebie from The Blue Flower

Fancy Pumpkins is available here. (NOTE: I purchased mine from Etsy but the shop owner has since moved her business to her own website. I have not purchased from this website. ALSO: My changes to this design are in this post.)

Halloween Kitties, from an Etsy shop that is unfortunately no longer available. Stitched on PTP Dawn.

Fall Mandala available in this Etsy shop as a set of four seasons.

Spooky Village pulled from Halloween Quaker by Lila's Studio, stitched on 32 ct. PTP Murky.

Back to the sewing room! My finishing & framing sprees are few and far between and I have to make the most of them before life intervenes and I have to go do more "important" things, like... everything. Play whenever you can, y'all!

Happy Stitching!

05 October 2021

DMC Hoard Organization


The hoard is organized! My in-use DMC collection is wound on bobbins and lives very tidily and compactly in four floss boxes (variegated, Color Variations, and Coloris have their own box). Here's how I'm storing my stash of extra full skeins: divided by number and tucked in a baggie with an index card with all the numbers listed on it. Fits in a small box and doesn't take up much space, and so easy to quickly find what I need.

Between this and my toilet paper hoard, I think I'm all set. (By the way, I have been an enthusiastic TP hoarder for many, many years, which is a long standing joke in my family. But when the shortages struck last year, who was laughing then? Mmm hm.)

Happy Stitching!