30 August 2014

Cashmere Camel

Another brown-eyed girl! The only change I made to this one was to tone her make-up down just a bit and give her brown eyes. 

My needle is smokin'. One more to go and I'm all caught up.

27 August 2014

Hattie Hedgehog

Look at this cute face! The design has blue eyes, but I made her a brown-eyed girl.

I was so close to being caught up, and then #7 was released yesterday. But I'm determined to  whip out the last two as quickly as possible so I can move on to some other projects that are calling me. 

24 August 2014

Duncan Dog

Here's Mr. Duncan! Just a slight change to his eye--instead of blue, I stitched it over one in brown and then added a little white french knot to the center.

I have two more to stitch to be caught up, but #7 should be out this week, sooo... 

Hope to get a good start on Hattie Hedgehog today. So far, I think she's my favorite. She has a teacup on her head, so how could she not be? But of course, y'all know what I'm really waiting for. A fox! 

Happy Stitching!

21 August 2014

More Foxy Finds

Foxes are trending. As a fox fanatic, I have mixed feelings about this. Part of the fun of collecting something is that it's like a treasure hunt. It's so fun to run across a fox in an unexpected place and collect it. Up until this year, they've been few and far between. This fall, they're popping up everywhere. I certainly don't feel compelled to buy every fox I see (which is good), and as with anything that becomes trendy, you get a lot of really dumb-looking foxes. On the other hand, it's kinda nice to be able to find more of a variety of fox stuff. So, mixed feelings.

My weekly Hobby Lobby raid produced the following treasures: a pretty little dish,

a winter doll (check out the fur boots!),

and a lovely little glass ornament (sniffed and approved by Tiger Lily).

Bonus: all 40% off! Yay!

Now, when this will really get dangerous is if the fox trend catches on with the needlework designers like the owl trend has done. I may need to be restrained. And there are signs, y'all, there are signs. Just Nan has just introduced a fox needle slide and a fox charm garden pin. Yes, those are coming to my house. 

And so it begins...

15 August 2014

More Winter Preparations

That's what we're gonna call it, okay? Winter preparations. Because you have to be prepared for winter. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read yesterday's post.) Right. So another happy mail day--my order from the Picture This Plus "Christmas in July" sale arrived today! They have one sale a year, on 25 July, and everything is 25% off. If you missed it, mark your calendar for next year because it's a great deal on gorgeous fabric.

Here are my fabrics, from top to bottom (all 28 ct. Cashel linen): Valor, Crystal Charm (see the sparkles?), Pampas, and Eek!

Of course, I had to play with my new fabric, pulling out the designs I had in mind when I selected the colors, and seeing how well I did pairing the design with the fabric. Two things: one, in my opinion, using hand-dyed fabric can be tricky because sometimes the fabric overwhelms the design. To my eye, one or the other should be the focal point; they shouldn't compete, or look "busy" together, with no place for the eye to "rest". And two: it's tough to select colors online. I prefer buying hand-dyed fabric in person, but I just can't pass up the PTP sale, and I'm never disappointed with the colors. Sometimes they may be slightly different than what was pictured, but I've never been disappointed. Anyway, on with play time!

Here's the design I intend for Pampas. As you can see from the picture above, it's a yellowy-green. (For some reason, in this picture, it looks more like Valor.) I considered using Eek! for this design, but decided that would be way too much orange and black--orange and black cat on orange and black fabric. I considered a slightly bluish green to pull the color from the bubbles in the cauldron, but there really isn't any blue at all in this design. I finally settled on the yellowish green in the pumpkin leaves. After seeing it in person, I think it'll work.

Next is the letter "S" by Nora Corbett, which I want to stitch on Crystal Charm. I couldn't be more pleased with this match. It's a beautiful muted, rosy pink. Not too bright; feminine, but not girly. It looks gorgeous in person.

Floss toss! (Notice how different the fabric looks in this shot from the one above. The light changes ever so slightly and your fabric looks different.)

And finally, here's Just Nan's Snowfire Christmas, to be stitched on Valor, a dusty, grayish green. This will be a wedding sampler, which I hope to have finished by our 15th anniversary in December 2015. We married a week before Christmas and had a Christmas-y wedding. I'm not a fan of traditional wedding samplers so I couldn't find any I liked and never bothered to stitch one. But when I saw this sampler, I knew it would be perfect. I'll just add a couple of lines with our names and our wedding date and--voila!--wedding sampler! I'm stitching it on green partly because I seem to be obsessed with green fabric, but also because I've always thought the "snowy" parts of this sampler disappeared on the fabric used for the model. 

I haven't chosen anything to stitch on Eek! yet. I got it because I knew it would be great for something Halloween-y I have in my stash. Maybe something monochromatic. And because it was on sale. And because winter is coming.

Happy Stitching!

14 August 2014

Winter Forecast

Here's my post from one year ago yesterday. I was speculating about the kind of winter we would have, based upon the spring and summer we had. Turns out the spring and summer weather were indeed a hint of what was to come. We had a looooong, cold, snowy winter. Well, I'm here to report that I think we're in for it again. Short spring (because winter refused to go away), ridiculously mild summer, a few trees already turning, Tiger Lily already blowing her summer coat. As I type, middle of August at high noon, it's 72 degrees and the windows are open. Let that sink in on ya. As I've been telling Mr. Wonderful, "We're gonna pay for this in January." Yikes.

So what does a stitcher do in the face of another hard winter? Say it with me... "Acquire more stash." If I'm going to be trapped by snow, I want to be trapped with lots of stitchy goodies. Here's what the mailman brought today.

This is Brooke's Books Spirit of Christmas Stitching Santa. So great, huh? See all the cute little details? The cardinal in his pack, the snowflake on his beard, the little mouse, and the "I love Mrs. C" on the embroidery hoop? I am really looking forward to stitching him. He'll look fantastic next to Mrs. Claus

Happy Stitching, and remember, a hard winter is a good excuse reason to stock up on stash! 

07 August 2014

A Stitchy Snowma'am

For some time, I've had the idea to make a stitchy snowma'am to decorate my sewing room for Christmas. A couple of weeks ago when Hobby Lobby started putting out their Christmas crafting supplies, I noticed they had 11" snowmen that would be perfect for my project and the wheels in my brain started spinning about how I wanted to make mine. Yesterday I went on a crime shopping spree and got the supplies I needed for her. I had so much fun prowling around all over the store, looking in every department for goodies for her outfit. 

And I had a brainstorm. I didn't want to wait until Christmas to display her, so I decided to make her a fall outfit first. (You see where I'm going with this, don't you?) Then, of course, there will be a Halloween outfit, then a Christmas outfit, then... 

She was so fun to put together. Everything (except her nose) is pinned on, so that it can be easily changed for other seasons and holidays. All the supplies are from Hobby Lobby. Here she is!

She just makes me smile. I still have to put together a little sewing basket for her, but I've got to find one small enough. 

Her eyes are craft brads; eyebrows/eyelashes are mini staples colored black with a Sharpie; mouth is DMC Memory Thread; ears are tiny pompoms; earrings are corsage pins bent at a right angle and inserted in ears; flower on hat and fox brooch are from the scrapbooking section; hat and glasses are from the doll making section.

Scissors, needle, and measuring tape bow are all from the scrapbooking section; felt leaves and pumpkin are from the fall crafting section; buttons, lace trim collar and lace skirt are in fabrics.

And that's what I did today when I should've been doing housework. And I'm not even sorry.

01 August 2014

Mary Mouse

I'm gaining on them! Here's #3, Mary Mouse. Just a few little changes on her: black whiskers changed to white, black tail changed to pink, black waistline on tutu changed to white. Just wanted a little softer look.

These are fun, quick stitches. I see from the comments (thank you!) that some of you are collecting these and saving them for later. I think this is going to be a ridiculously adorable series... one of those series that, seeing one or two, you think, "Oh, those are cute!" but then when you see all 25 of them together, you're just completely blown over! I can tell you that already, just with my three finishes lying on the table together, the cuteness factor increases the more you have done! 

Now to Duncan (#4)!