21 June 2013

First Day of Summer

Summer is my least favorite season, not because of the heat--which doesn't bother me--but because it's right before fall, my favorite season. By the time Independence Day rolls around, I'm done with summer and wish it would hurry up and leave so I can get down to the business of enjoying fall and winter.

I just finished this little freebie from The Stitcherhood. Back in February I did the Spring freebie, and it turned out so cute I decided to do all four seasons. Summer is stitched on 28 ct. mushroom evenweave with GAST Tropical Ocean and Buttercrunch, and an old skein of Needle Necessities #108. I added some seafoam with Caron's Snow (sparkly!) and also a few JABCO buttons.

The Supervisor checks the back.  Looks good.

I think we finally have our computer issue sorted out. At least according to some very helpful dude in India. That means I'll be back to blogging awesomeness. Let's all eat cookies today to celebrate!