30 November 2020

Time for Tea Update

 November block is finished!

Info on this design can be found in this post.

28 November 2020

Saturday Sampler: Solace of Stitching Edition

Been thinking a lot lately about how thankful I am for the solace of stitching. So I thought I'd share what's been keeping me sane lately (besides prayer, of course!).

Whipped out this adorable little baker a few days before Thanksgiving. She's from The Blue Flower and is in the Nashville Market 2020 cookbook.

Over Thanksgiving I also worked on this sweet pilgrim girl by Brooke Nolan. She's available as Annie the Autumn Witch but I left off her hat and broom and just stitched her as a pilgrim. 

A couple of new Russian kits, which are a weakness of mine and always make me happy! This luscious pink and green confection is perfect for my sewing room.

And this lovely winter design. I may start this after Christmas. Hopefully we'll be having something that looks like winter by then. It's been quite warm and dry.

These are the two Etsy shops I rely on for Russian kits:

Both of these shops carry a lot of the same kits. The first one has sales more frequently, and you'll notice differences in the price and shipping costs. Typically, one has higher product prices but lower shipping, and the other is the opposite. It's just a matter of where they place their cost. Both have been very reliable and shipping usually takes 3-4 weeks, although during the spring and the first wave of the pandemic, one of my orders took 10 weeks. My last order from both took about 3 weeks. Shipping costs may seem high, but I remind myself that my goodies are traveling over 5,000 miles! 

And I'm giving y'all fair warning... if you're a bit bored with the sameness of the designs you're seeing on this side of the world, wait til you fall down the rabbit hole of Russian kits. They're gorgeous and irresistible. 

And finally there's this! This is what really brightened my day last week! Remember the pretty little Autumn Quaker I showed a while back, and I was wishing for the other seasons? Well, I got my wish! Winter is Coming Mini Quaker has just been released and it is gorgeous! You should really visit the link to see it as my snap of the printed photo doesn't do it justice. The very day it came out I ordered my threads!

And here they are. Aren't they lovely for a wintry design? 

I have the urge to start this one immediately but I do have some Christmas stitching I'd like to do first, so it will have to wait a bit. But honestly, I'm not sure if I can hold out!

Thank you for all of your kind wishes about my dad. He had to be re-hospitalized last Tuesday, but should be returning to the rehab center in a couple of days. The last month has been a rollercoaster and I'm so grateful whenever I can just settle down with my stitching and get lost in it.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, hope you and yours are healthy, and I hope you're getting to snuggle down with your stitching, too.

21 November 2020

Wee Fall Sampler

I'm still here and I have a wee finish to share! This is Mouse Sampler available in this Etsy shop.
I just went my own way on the colors and used Caron Collection Wildflowers on 28 ct. Natural Brown Undyed linen. From top to bottom:

Top border: Sedona Sunset
Stars (I added these): Quicksilver
Moon and sun: Old Gold
Clouds: Suede
Birds: Copper
Trees: Sedona Sunset, Copper
Sampler motifs: Bark
Houses: Quicksilver, Copper
Acorns: Gingersnap, Copper
Corn: Old Gold, Guacamole
Pumpkins: Marigold (orange only), Gingersnap
Mouse: Gingersnap, Coal
Bottom border: Bark

My dad has been in the hospital for several weeks (not the virus) and has just moved to a rehabilitation facility, so we've been coping with that amid the pandemic and related restrictions. It's a difficult time for a lot of people and I hope y'all are doing well and staying healthy, and enjoying your stitching. 

06 November 2020

PSA: Playing with Jax


Public Service Announcement! CEC has re-posted the free chart for the alternative center pumpkin for Playing with Jax. It's available right here. 

This one is my own purple color conversion. All the info on my color choices is available in the Playing with Jax posts I shared while stitching it. 

If you don't have the freebie, you might want to go grab it. It's not always available.

Happy Stitching!

03 November 2020

Time for Tea Update

 September and October blocks finished! Getting close to a finish!

Info on this design in this post.