27 April 2021

21 April 2021

My Tiny Library

When I took my rest break last month, I spent some time creating a tiny library at the back of my walk-in closet. It started out as just deciding to move some of my books from one closet to another so they would be more accessible. But as is often the case, my simple idea turned into a project. I already had the bookshelves I needed, but if you're going to put books in a walk-in closet, why not go for it and create a library! So, a lamp, a print, a cushy pillow, and a little rug later... TA-DA! An itty bitty library! 

My closet has long been Tiger Lily's place--her favorite basket is in there--and it's where she naps almost every afternoon. I stitched a special piece just for this little library (available in this Etsy shop) but gave the kitty Tiger Lily's calico tabby markings (though I didn't attempt her floof). I'm looking forward to lots of drowsing over a book in there, with her snoozing in her basket. Bliss.

19 April 2021

April Snow

 There is something so charming about April snow... a light dusting on spring blooms.***

***There is nothing charming about shoveling snow in April, mind you. Let's not get carried away.

(Top picture: cherry tree; bottom picture: Dead Nettle, my second favorite ground cover)

06 April 2021

Tea & Coffee Series: March and April


Back in February, I posted my finishes of the January and February installments of this adorable new monthly series by Punochka (link to the shop in that post). I ended my month-long stitching break by whipping out the March and April cups. 

March: This is charted for a pink tulip on a blue cup, but I went with a lavender tulip on a pale green cup. My choices (all DMC): 

cup: 14; tulip (light/med): 211/210; leaves: 989

April: The only change I made to this little bun was to move his eyes further apart and stitch them with a Smyrna cross in DMC 938 instead of 310. So cute.

I want to thank all of you who have left such sweet and supportive comments and offered prayers for our family. I really do appreciate them so much. Thank you.