08 April 2019

Signing Off for a While

Hey, y'all! One last post before I sign off for a while. Our moving truck arrives Friday, and Lord willing, we'll be in our new home on Tuesday of next week. I've been sooo busy since I last posted, but I'm happy to report I actually have a finish to show! This is a little Cricket Collection mitten freebie that I got from a shop when I placed an order a while back.

I'm also happy to report that moving preparations have not interfered with stash acquisition. I found an Etsy shop with some goodies I needed. The shop is called Snuggly Monkey (link is to the website; it appears the Etsy shop is on a break). I've never used Cosmo embroidery thread but I wanted to give it a try and chose this beautiful and unusual color to experiment with. I don't know if you can see it very well, but this skein is shades of brown and purple. I think it will be gorgeous for some fall stitching.

More from Snuggly Monkey, some lovely green perle cottons in my favorite chunky size 8...

and some very pretty little 3.5" embroidery scissors. These look like spring stitching to me.

I picked up this adorable bunny tin to put a few spring stitching things in for the trip. My mini stash is all small Christmas projects, but I couldn't resist kitting up one spring project for the road.

These are the stragglers from Market that I finally got my hands on. Two new Blackberry Lane designs I had to order. A word about Stitching in the Garden: This design used to be exclusive to a shop, but Marie re-issued it at Market this year. Even so, I had a really hard time finding it right after Market. It may be more widely available now--I haven't checked--but I found mine at Stitches 'N Things

A couple of other designs...

How cute are these?

So that's the round-up of the latest goodies. Thankfully--SO VERY thankfully--there is an LNS where we're going to be stationed and I can't wait to visit it.

I don't know how long it will be before I can post again, but rest assured, I have not abandoned my blog. We're headed into a challenging situation. If you've seen the flooding devastation in the middle of the country... that's where we're going. Our home is fine, but Mr. Wonderful's work situation will be a challenge for a while, and my priority will be to get us settled and comfortable as quickly as possible to provide peace at home to balance out those difficulties. We're still excited to go, but now what we're looking forward to is the opportunity to help put things back together out there. Y'all are always so sweet and supportive and I probably won't have a chance to respond to your comments, but please know that I appreciate y'all so much and am looking forward to getting settled and getting this old blog back up and running so we can stitch and eat and shop and talk and stuff.

Tiger Lily is ready. See y'all in a while!