30 September 2021



Just in time for spooky season, I have a scary story for you! Y'all know that over the last 18 months or so, I occasionally pop on here with a PSA about the availability of stitching supplies, shipping delays, etc. I have no inside information; I just report what I'm seeing and provide a heads up for my fellow stitchers, just in case.

You've probably been reading about--and experiencing--shortages of varying degrees and price increases caused by a perfect storm of problems: pandemic-related policies/restrictions/closures, labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, etc. Domestic products are being affected, and imports even more so. And what's our favorite import? DMC!

With this in mind, this past weekend I began pondering doing a long overdue DMC inventory and making a list of what colors I needed to restock. I checked the prices at the big craft stores in my area and they were around .46/skein. I decided to wait a bit and see if I could find a "20% off total purchase" coupon, and then I got busy with other things and didn't get back to it. 

Imagine my shock when today I rechecked the prices at my local stores and saw they had jumped to .60/skein! In four days! I'm not gonna lie, a wee bit of panic set in. I've never seen DMC that expensive. I have no idea if this is temporary or just the beginning of the increase, and while I'm not excited about paying .60/skein for DMC, I'm even less excited to pay .75/skein or whatever may be coming. 

I did a lightning fast inventory, found a coupon, and made a mad dash to the store. My 20% off coupon didn't end up working, but the sweet clerk scanned her 25% off coupon, which got my floss down to .45/skein. SCORE! 

If you decide to do a restock, make sure to check online for coupons. 

Here's your DMC checklist

Happy Restocking and Stitching!

28 September 2021

Tea & Coffee Series: September


Got a fox! I was tickled pink when this month's teacup appeared! Click on the "tea" label at the end of the post to see the previous months.

23 September 2021

Mini Quaker Series Finished!

 Summer is Coming Mini Quaker from Stitches Through the Years.

All four seasons, top to bottom: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer

These have been an absolute joy to stitch and I am so pleased not only with each individual piece, but also how well they work together. It is simply a gorgeous series. Gorgeous. I mentioned when I showed my first finish (Autumn) that I'm not really a Quaker fan. In fact, these are the first I've stitched. I'm still not sure I'm a Quaker fan, but I am definitely in love with these. So much so that I'm sad to see this series end. Although I did put a little bee in the designer's bonnet, so maybe...

20 September 2021

Fall Stash

Working away on Summer is Coming Mini Quaker so I can get it finished as quickly as possible (after some delays) and move on to fall and Christmas stitching. Hope you're all well and deep into your autumn stitching!