26 September 2020

Autumn is Coming Mini Quaker

A finish! This is Autumn is Coming Mini Quaker (available here) stitched on 32 ct. Flax with the recommended threads, except I did swap GAST Pebble for GAST Parchment. 

Two things, if you stitch this:

1) If you have to buy your threads online, you're probably going to see photos of the two purples and think, "That can't be right. Those are dark grey." I was a little concerned that the threads I was seeing online (I checked several shops) were not the beautiful smokey purples in the model. But they are, they're just really hard to photograph. 

2) If you're stitching this 2 over 2 on something other than the recommended 1 strand on 40 ct. linen, get TWO skeins of the Weeks Stepping Stone, just to be on the safe side. I'm pretty frugal with my thread, and I didn't run out, but I did come close.

This is my first Quaker, and while I'm not wild about the Quaker style in general, this one just spoke to me. I adore the colors, I love the unique shape, and it was a fun, relatively quick stitch. I may pester the designer to give us the other three seasons!

Happy Stitching!

21 September 2020

Spur of the Moment Fall Festival!

Grab a cup of tea and settle in, I have a lot to share! I was getting together some photos for a post and the number kept growing and growing. I thought about splitting them into a few different posts, and then I thought, "Nah. I'll just do one big, happy, autumn-y post!" 

Snuggle down... I've got a WIP, a wee finish, retail therapy finds, fall displays, fall freebies, and even a recipe. Here we go!

Are y'all feeling cozy now?

Here are some links in case y'all want any of these goodies to come live at your house. If there's anything else you see that you're curious about, just ask!

Autumn is Coming Mini Quaker (I'm stitching this on 32 ct. Flax and swapped out GAST Pebble for GAST Parchment.)

Rose Gold & Aqua Stork Scissors (this is the shop I purchased from, but these are available at other Etsy shops)

Counting pins are from Puntini Puntini. I don't know if this exact set is still available.

Banana Bread recipe (I used 3/4 c. sugar and baked for 1 hour, covering with foil after 50 minutes. Make it a day ahead--it's better if it sits a bit.)

Bonus FREEBIES : Wonderful Fall and Goodbye Swallows

Happy Fall, y'all!

16 September 2020

Time for Tea Update

 Catching up on Time for Tea--August block is finished!

Info on this design in this post.

10 September 2020

Summer of Halloween Final Finish: Bat Pig!

 I said there'd be a pig, and here he is: Bat Pig!

I laughed out loud when I saw this design and in my book, that makes it a must-stitch. As you can see, I made a few changes. He's stitched on 28 ct. PTP Flash with most of the recommended threads. I used GAST Burnt Orange for the ground instead of green, to make it look a bit like fallen leaves, and the wiggly detail around the border is Weeks Jack-o-Lantern. And I added a wee bat button instead of stitching one. Very festive. And really, what Halloween display doesn't need a pig wearing a mask and bat wings? 

In other news, fall arrived rather dramatically on Tuesday. The temperature plunged into the 40's (from the 90's on Sunday!) and it rained and rained and rained. It was lovely! Tiger Lily took to her blanket donut, which marks the official start of fall.

I made one of my favorite soups. And we just savored the coziness of the first cold, rainy fall day. 

Thanks so much for all the well wishes following my food poisoning adventure. I'm fine now and stitching up a storm! It helps to get a lot of stitching done when the weather cooperates so nicely. There's nothing like a cold rain to get the needle flying. Except maybe a blizzard. But let's have fall first!

03 September 2020

Well, that was exciting.

I'm back. Summer of Halloween began with quarantine and ended with food poisoning! I haven't picked up a needle in over two weeks, and my plan to finish strong on my Halloween stitching didn't quite succeed. I've got one last small project about half finished, and had another one ready to go, but I think I'll just go ahead and move on with my fall stitching after I've finished the little one. I had such a blast getting some new Halloween stuff stitched over the summer, but fall is here and I have projects that are calling me. 

Nurse Tiger Lily was on duty during the drama.

Magnificent floofy tail.

I'm pretty much back to normal and hope to be able to get back to my stitching this holiday weekend. Hope y'all are well and stitching away!