19 February 2018

Project Bags

I have a weakness for project bags, and have oodles, but only a couple of them are bags actually intended for stitching projects. All the rest of mine are re-purposed from other uses. My latest discovery is swimsuit bags and they are *perfect* project bags!

I found these at Tuesday Morning for $4 each.

They have a clear zipper pocket for tools and the main zipper pocket holds a pretty good-sized Q-snap. This one is about 8" x 9".

The large pocket has a waterproof lining, offering more protection for projects on the go.

Here's a little school supply bag I bought at Wal-Mart for $1. This one also has an outside zipper pocket for tools, and the main zipper pocket will hold an ornament-sized or slightly larger Q-snap. I popped this one in my bag for a trip to Texas and it was very convenient.

I love to use cosmetic bags for stitching projects. This one came from Target, but I've had it for so long I can't remember how much it cost. I do know that it was less than $10.

It holds a disassembled 6" Q-snap and all the necessary tools.

There are lots of beautiful project bags out there and many of them are pretty pricey. If you need a bag, but you're on a budget, keep your eyes open and think outside of the box (bag?) when you're out shopping. It's not hard to find cool, affordable project bags!

05 February 2018

Spring Bunny Wreath

I made up these variations of Just Nan's Honey Bunny almost five years ago, and every spring since then I've been putting them in my spring basket display, but they're so small they end up getting a bit lost. I decided to make a little wreath of spring grass and daisies for them.

For the wreath:

10" foam wreath form
eyelash yarn in spring green (two skeins, if skeins are small)
daisy chain trim (Jo Ann Fabrics)
yellow pearl head pins

Wrapping the wreath takes forever because in order to achieve maximum fluffiness, you have to wrap it tightly. It's a pretty mindless task, so put on your favorite movie or show and just sit and wrap. And wrap. And wrap. And wrap. (It will take you longer than one movie.) When you have to stop, just pin the yarn to keep it nice and tight and hold your place. 

I've had this daisy chain trim for so long I don't remember where I got it, but I have seen it at Jo Ann Fabrics recently. (Super fluffy wreath!)

Cut the daisies apart and pin them to the wreath. Decorate with your favorite spring critters, or perhaps some pretty colored eggs, hidden in the grass. (The daisy ribbon is from AC Moore.)

My color choices for these bunnies can be found in this post.

02 February 2018

You guys...

Look what just arrived in the mail, all the way from Australia! A super awesome Kraken Sea Monster Glow-in-the-Dark Needle Minder because wow why not?! I love this thing.

I always say one of the best things about stitching is all the toys that go with the hobby. Some stitchers have no use for toys, but I love them. Some would say, "Why does a needle minder need to glow in the dark if you can't stitch in the dark?" And I would say, "Why shouldn't it glow in the dark when we all know that glow-in-the-dark stuff is more fun than stuff that doesn't glow in the dark?" And who doesn't need more fun in their lives? And sea monsters. Who doesn't need more sea monsters? Well, sailors, I guess. But besides sailors...

The Etsy shop I purchased this needle minder from is UnconventionalX (I'd advise staying in the needle minder section).