31 October 2022

Meet Our New Babies

We have new babies! Butterfly (left) and Marigold (right) are 9 week old tortie sisters. They are rescue babies from a local shelter we are fostering to adopt. They had a rough start and although they're two months old, they are *tiny*. They're doing well, though. And... they're going to be floofy!

I want to thank each and every one of you who left such heartfelt comments on my post about Tiger Lily. It meant a lot to me that so many of y'all share our heartbreak. The grief is still so raw, and I thought about waiting to find another kitty, but I couldn't stand the house without that little spirit. It was an odd series of events that lead us to these little girls, but then again, maybe "odd" is just the word we use to describe a plan we can't see. 

So that's my happy news. Y'all have shared our sadness, and I hope you'll share our happiness with these new little ones. Our grief isn't gone, but it's not alone anymore. Now there is joy with it, which makes it a bit more bearable.

Happy Halloween, from our wee black & orange babies!

24 October 2022

Tiger Lily

Oh, my beautiful, precious girl.

07 October 2022

Swamp Sampler is Finished!


Finally finished my summer project, in October. *sigh* Here's Magical Swamp in all its swampy, green, critter-filled glory. I love it.

Hi. I'm back. September was a... challenging month. But I'm still here, muddling along. I haven't been in my sewing room in forever, I'm behind on this year's Christmas Open House, there's dust on my blog, and my brain seems to have gone into hibernation. That's mostly due to stress, but I do wonder if I'm so conditioned to that invigorating snap of cool fall air that its absence is slowing me down. I love fall and for many years this time of year has been a time of bustling busyness for me, getting ready for all the upcoming holidays and the long winter to come. Mr. Wonderful and I joke that when it's time, we'll be the first retirees to move north instead of south! Anyway, I'm slow, and my progress on stitchy things is slow, and I need to get moving.

Being slow




And that's the super exciting update from my house. Baking is done, crock pots are simmering away, so I'm off to stitch now. Gonna see if I can knock out a couple of Christmas Open House projects over this long holiday weekend. Hope y'all are well.

Happy Stitching!