13 May 2015

Tiger Lily Takes The Air

The best thing about re-arranging my sewing room is that now my stitching chair sits under the window (instead of next to it) and Tiger Lily can climb onto the back of it and get right up to the windows. She has a window with a little basket in front of it downstairs, but until now she didn't have a very good view from an upstairs window.

Today was a gorgeous day, and I had all the windows open. There was a stiff breeze and she was able to get a snootful of fresh air and a little sun. Here she is... fur blowing in the wind... taking the air.

This is a happy kitty.


  1. Tiger Lily is beautiful--I'm sure she brings great joy to your life

  2. Awww she's so precious. :) Cathryn

  3. What a beautiful cat she is! I know she will enjoy many hours of lounging there. Enjoy your upcoming weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. After having the windows shut tight all winter, just opening a crack brings them such happiness! My cat goes from window to window, watching the birds and the other cats running around outside. It's comical, but it keeps her busy. Glad that Tiger Lily has a "birds-eye" view now from upstairs. (No pun intended. Ha ha.)