16 March 2016

DMC 250th Anniversary Sampler

I was poking around in my stash earlier this week and came across a little project I did 20 years ago and thought I would share it. It's an adaptation of a freebie that DMC issued to celebrate their 250th anniversary back in 1996. Here's the anniversary sampler:

And here's my adaptation for one of those small vinyl covers used for checkbooks or notepads.

The copyright on the sampler is held by The DMC Corporation and there is a restriction on the design saying that it "may only be reproduced for teaching purposes." It was designed by Cross 'N Patch Needlework Designs, Emie Bishop. 


  1. Neat! How fun to rediscover one of your works.

  2. Beautiful sampler and checkbook cover. I had not seen that design before. TFS!

  3. Neat sampler and I like your adaptation for the checkbook cover. Thank you for sharing, Honeybee!

  4. Do you still have this pattern? I am trying to find a copy. Thanks so much. It is beautiful!

  5. I would like to buy a copy of the DMC sampler if it’s ever available,