19 April 2016

Woodland Sampler Finish!

Here they are--the last two blocks!

I made quite a few changes to the December block:
house: 919
snow on roof: B5200
roof: 645
window/door frames: 938
door: 780
windows: 972
December: 156 (same as the other winter months)

The banner is stitched with DMC 156 and instead of snowflakes beneath it, I stitched my initials.

And here's the completed sampler!

The colors in this sampler are so bright and cheerful, the camera really isn't doing them justice.

One more WIP to knock out before I allow myself some new starts!


  1. Way to go on get this WIP finished, Honeybee! It looks great.

  2. What a cute finish! Well done on finishing another WIP.

  3. OMG!
    This is so darn cute.
    Congrats on our finish.

  4. So cute!! Congrats on finishing the sampler :)
    Many thanks too for sharing it on your blog. I fell in love with it when I first saw it & made sure to buy the chart & start it.
    I am a bit behind at the moment as I'm trying to finish an old WIP for my mum.

  5. L♥Ve it! The blue jay is a favorite of mine. :D

  6. Congrats on the finish, it's gorgeous!!

  7. That sampler is adorable and the changes blend in beautifully.

  8. Beautiful finish and such a cute design! Those little hedgehogs in September are my favourite. Adding your initials to the last date square is a wonderful touch :)

  9. I agree with Vickie...that blue jay is something else! Beautiful job on the sampler - it looks like it was a fun stitch.

  10. It's beautiful!!! I love it! ♡