11 March 2017

Saturday Sampler: Stash Update Edition

I fell a little behind in stash updates, so today I'm catching up. 

First, from Sandra in South Carolina's magazine de-stash, three beautiful fox charts! Thank you, Sandra! Aren't they lovely?

From Ann in Ohio's de-stash, more great charts! Thank you, Ann!

From Market Day at my LNS, Dog Pile from Ink Circles. I love this.

And a gorgeous limited edition green from GAST, Juniper.

Here are a few things that have arrived in the mail over the last several weeks. I love the bright colors in the Small Animal Sampler. I'm visualizing it on a chocolate brown linen, though. 

My hoard of Russian kits is growing...

And here are some supplies I've pulled together for a "re-set project." Do y'all do re-set projects? I have completely gone off the rails on my stitching so far this year (busy with other things). Have y'all noticed that in all my posts this year, only a few of them have actual, you know, stitching in them? And those were back in January. Sometimes when I get off track, it helps get me going again to pick up a small, quick project that I can whip out in a couple of sittings. A quick finish gives me a little instant gratification and eases me back into WIPs where a finish is further off. Maybe I'll settle down and stitch and have a cute finish to share in a few days! Soft spring colors should be just the thing!

Bonus: Tiger Lily!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I can't wait to see your "re-set" project, Honeybee. You have picked up some great looking additions to your stash. Thank you for the up close and personal photo of Juniper; it is gorgeous. Maybe GAST is make it a permanent addition to their line!

  2. I just bought a purple linen too! And now thanks (I think) to you, I have started looking at the Russian kits. The florals are to die for. I haven't purchased anything yet but a wish list has been started.

    And I know this is probably close to sacrilege, but it's okay to have posts not about stitching. How about an update on that little bakeware you bought?

    Tiger Lily's eyes are full of love.

  3. You've got some great new stash! I love the Small Animal Sampler. The colours for your re-set stitch are absolutely gorgeous. Good luck in getting your mojo back!

  4. Great stash and de-stash items.
    Loved that Small Animal Sampler the first time I saw it too.
    It will look great on chccolate.
    Tiger Lily is so beautiful. :)

  5. Oh what lovely new additions you have! I really like Dog Pile, but you know what it is missing for me. ;) Small Animal Sampler is fabulous!

    1. Should be pretty easy to do a little re-design of one of the doggies! ;O)

  6. Love your stash! You have EXCELLENT taste. :D Of course I also love that you include Tiger Lily. She's more than gorgeous. She's fantastic! :D Cathryn

  7. What fun new stash, love the nesting doll pattern.

  8. Great new stash you picked up there Honeybee. I'm really anxious to see what will be stitched on that pretty new linen and mohair thread. Snips and Snails has a neat look to it too. And I love the Juniper thread...fantastic color! Thank you for the photo of the lovely Tiger Lily. She looks very pleased with herself like the "star" she is. Happy stitching. RJ